New BMW CE 04: silent revolution

New BMW CE 04: silent revolution
New BMW CE 04: silent revolution

Lto “silent revolution” arrives in the cities, and is probably just the beginning. BMW presents the new electric scooter CE 04, a real quantum leap in terms of technology and design compared to its predecessor C Evolution: totally new concepts underlying the design and construction of the newcomer BMW, which builds on the Concept Link presented in 2017 which merged then in the Definition CE 04 presented in 2020, a prototype very close to the CE 04 just introduced: a story that starts from afar, evolved now in the second step and which could soon herald other evolutions, dragged by the technology and know-how in the electric field already fielded by BMW on its cars.

How it’s done

IThe new CE 04 is equipped with a liquid-cooled permanent magnet electric motor – mounted in the frame between the battery and the rear wheel – which develops a peak power of 42 hp and rated at 20, more than enough to go from 0 to 50 km / h in 2.6 seconds. It’s available, for the reduced power class L3e-A1, a drive unit of 31 hp and rated at 15, and both versions reach a declared maximum speed of 120 km / h, guaranteeing a good cruising speed on extra-urban roads.

Autonomy represents one of the nerve centers of electric vehicles and in the case of the BMW CE 04 the best balance between dimensions and range: the 60.6 Ah (8.9 kWh) battery provides a range of approx 130 kilometers (the version with reduced power instead has a declared autonomy of 100 km), mileage considered sufficient for daily city use and on small tours after work or at the weekend. Three driving modes: “ECO”, “Rain” and “Road” as standard, “Dynamic” Mode is available as a factory option.

Balancing sought, as well as in autonomy, also in battery usage temperatures: on the one hand it is necessary to avoid excessively low temperatures because this results in a huge increase in the internal resistance of the cells and in loss of power, on the other hand the high temperatures damage the life of the cells. In the battery of the CE 04, an air cooling system was opted for by means of a plate with cooling fins arranged longitudinally on the underside of the vehicle.

Ttechnology derived from the automotive world – think of the BMW 225xe Active Tourer – for charging the lithium-ion battery: the integrated charging device is used, both through normal household sockets and in wallboxes or public charging stations. When the battery is completely discharged, the charging time is approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes. Through the optionally available quick charger with an output of up to 6.9 kW (2.3 kW is the standard level), the charging time is reduced to 1 hour and 40 minutes with completely discharged battery. If, on the other hand, the battery level is 20 percent and the battery is charged to 80 percent (range which is identified by BMW as one of the most frequent for the intended use of the CE 04), the charging time is reduced to 45 minutes through the optional quick charger. Battery life? BMW leverages – rightly – on its know-how borrowed from the automotive sector, and in fact declares a battery life coinciding with the useful life of the vehicle.

Awith stability of CE 04 provides the system ASC (Automatic Stability Control) and is comparable to the Automatic Stability Control of BMW motorcycles with a combustion engine. ASC limits engine torque in relation to rear wheel slip. Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), while DTC (Dynamic Traction Control), which also includes vehicle tilt detection for stability management, is available as a factory option. The frame is made of steel tubes with a wheelbase of 1675 mm and a steering angle of 63.5 °, while the suspensions rely on a 35 mm telescopic fork and 110 mm of travel at the front; at the rear there is a shock absorber which acts on the single oscillating arm for an excursion of 92 mm. The curb weight is 213 kg “road ready”.

The final transmission is a toothed belt, a guarantee of very limited maintenance and gentle traction, while the tires are almost motorcycle, if it were not for the diameter of the rims: with 120/70 R15 67H at the front and 160/60 R15 56H at the rear, on 3.5 and 4.5 aluminum rims. The braking system with metal braided hoses is also of a motorcycle mold, dopium front disc from 265 mm and four-piston calipers; 265 mm also for the rear disc, bitten by a single piston caliper. A must the two-channel ABS Bosch 9.3 2, which can become ABS Pro, available as an option, by activating the function cornering and prominent the possibility of reversing by pressing a switch, obviously at walking pace.

La instrumentation it is also the center of connectivity of the CE 04: the 10.25 “Full HD TFT color display supports integrated map navigation and display directly in the dashboard, also through integration and use of the app BMW Motorrad Connected on your smartphone.

The display offers full or split screen view to view multiple functions at the same time, making it possible to see navigation information, an ongoing phone call or multimedia content. But one of the key points of the integration between smartphone and CE 04 is the possibility of offering the cartographic navigation thanks to the smartphone-based architecture managed via wirelss LAN.

In addition, the screen offers additional information, such as the display of the battery state of charge (SOC = State of Charge) and the energy balance that indicates whether the energy is converted into propulsion or recovered, helping the pilot to derive maximum energy efficiency. possible from the guide.

It is present on the left side a ventilated and waterproof compartment to safely store a smartphone and a USB-C socket is available for charging up to 1.5 A (charging capacity up to 12 W) and, speaking of compartments, they have been obtained on the side and front. The side compartment can accommodate a case and can be operated while seated.

Ulast chapter, enlightenment: it is Full Led, including service lights, but adaptive lights can be chosen as a factory option Headlight Pro, which switches on additional LED elements in the main headlight, equipped with their own reflectors, depending on the angle of inclination. The cornering light comes on automatically from an angle of inclination greater than 10 ° and at speeds above 10 km / h. The additional light effect can be perfectly perceived up to an inclination angle of 25 °.

Prices and availability

Son the Italian market the CE 04 in the 31 kW / 46 hp version will be available at 12,550 euros cim, which may increase depending on the options chosen (individually or in “Packs”), while the commercial launch of the innovative BMW electric scooter should take place within the first months of 2022. It could be just the beginning, we said: as BMW itself stated, the acronym CE 04 leaves a lot of space “below” (CE 02, for example) or “above” for further vehicles of different segments and, even if it could only be one suggestion, just a few years ago we had the opportunity to test an interesting prototype of an electric motorcycle right in their test center in Miramas, France …


BMW silent revolution

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