“We are late, so the list is likely to jump” – Corriere.it

“We are late, so the list is likely to jump” – Corriere.it
“We are late, so the list is likely to jump” – Corriere.it

Gianluca Corrado, now only you of the M5s are missing. When will you introduce the candidate?
«The M5s of Milan has ready the program for the city since February and since then we have been asking that they authorize us to form the list and select a candidate for mayor. However, they never made themselves heard from Rome. On Sunday evening, two Milanese senators, on behalf of the national leadership, came to tell us that in light of the difficulties of this period we will have to wait another 2-3 weeks to get new information ».

So what?
“I really believe that this attitude can lead to the impossibility of presenting a list”.

Are there no times?
«We are all volunteers, we have a group of 20-30 activists working on administrative matters and waiting months for instructions from the“ national ”. In Milan there are two hundred candidates between the city council and the nine municipalities and the bureaucratic work behind the nominations is not a joke. People go on vacation, they can’t wait forever. In short, there is the risk of not making it in time. In 2016 we started the organizational machine eight months before the election date ».

Is there a political will of someone not to present the symbol in Milan?
“I don’t know if this delay is intentional or if it is simply a question of managerial mediocrity. In any case, it is not acceptable to treat Milan like this ».

Would you reapply?
“No. My watch as a citizen of the institutions is over ».

The other two elected officials left the M5s. A balance of these years?
«The Movement remains a wonderful idea. Instead, I am very sorry for the human littleness that we have known. I refer to the “third term club” and to those who entered the Movement as a citizen and left it as a politician. If the list is not made, it will be the fault of these characters ».

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