COMA_COSE in Milan: Nostralgia Canaglia in a midsummer night

Article of Chiara Amendola | Photo on Oriana Spadaro

Nostralgia: is there a more authentic word to describe the riot of sensations I feel at my first post lockdown concert? Then add a location that smells of summer, like the Carroponte, the light-heartedness of young smiles, and the eyes begin to light up with small sparks as if a breath of oxygen had suddenly arrived after an interminable apnea.

But how does a seated concert feel? I’ll find out only by suffering.

Fausto e Franceaca aka Fausto e California aka i Coma_Things they are already on their second date directly from home – Milan is the place where they live, where they fell in love and where it all started – they have dedicated two concerts to this city, both sold out.

The atmosphere around me is filled with joy, there is a strong sense of belonging and an irresistible aroma of French fries in the air. A magical night with tricolor tones, made invincible by the last victory of the national team but above all by the spectacle that promises to be. It is the beginning of the summer.

I Coma_Things I am a generational voice, a rediscovered dialogue between people and nature, yesterday and today, city and province, a story of the present sometimes interpreted as rap classicists, others with inspiration from songwriting mannerists.

Fausto and California, that we could superficially define as the Albano and Romina of the Italian urban scene, present themselves on stage in a persuasive play of lights and completely dressed in denim.

Coma_Cose in concert at the Carroponte in Milan

The evening’s “nostralgic” journey starts with distorted and almost psychedelic sounds with A thousand storms ideal soundtrack of a suspended world, a melancholy intro that pines a little but at the same time pleases and makes the audience hungry for emotions.

The concept is amplified by other pieces such as Abandoned discos in which synthesizers and drum ‘n’ bass fail to hide a veil of sadness in the broken voices of the choirs but also a lot of hope of reliving soon as Zombie al Carrefour”, introduced by Fausto’s plan.

During the concert each note is a page and each song a chapter in the life of Fausto and California, a story that has seen them go from resigning to having to give up music, to being able to make it the center of their life. Theirs is a fairy tale with unlikely protagonists who choose not to give up their flame, and support each other up to the Ariston stage. It is therefore not surprising that on the first few beats of “Flames in the eyes “ the audience gets lost in the sweetness of their complicit gaze.

The live continues alternating new songs with “old” glories from Soul can a Via Gola. His Post Concerto the audience lights up with lights, very young couples exchange tender effusions, the most agé enjoy the show while sipping the last beer of the evening.

Sharks displaces on a wonderfully relaxed ending that is amplified by surprise by the encore of the Sanremo piece.

I leave with the feeling of having just witnessed a beautiful serenade dedicated to my Milan, a city that vibrates and hurts, but which offers unforgettable moments, in good times and bad.

And evenings like this are good for the soul.

Click here to see the photos of Coma_Cose in concert at the Carroponte in Milan (or browse the gallery below).



The lineup of the Milan concert
1 Thousand Storms
2. desert
3. Yugoslavia
4. Via Gola
5. The song of the wolves
6. Soul Can
7. Missing
8. disco
9. anger
10. cannibalism
11. Golgotha
12. Beach Boys Distorti
13. Cold Wars
14. 1996
15. Flames in the eyes
16. Pakistan
17. Full nude
18. Zombie al Carrefour

19. To Lametta
20. Grenade
21. Post-Concerto
22. Sharks
23. Flames in the eyes (Bis)

COMA_COSE – The next tour dates
Tickets on sale at this link>

10.07.21 THE EAGLE, The Cantieri dell’Immaginario new date
14.07.21 PAVIA, Visconteo Castle
17.07.21 PADOVA, Music Park
18.07.21 CODROIPO (UD), Villa Manin sold out
21.07.21 COLLEGNO (TO), Flowers Festival sold out
23.07.21 FLORENCE, Ultravox Florence – Cascine Amphitheater
25.07.21 MANTUA, Bike-In
26.07.21 JESOLO, Suonica Festival
08.08.21 SPICE, Piazza Europa
10.08.21 PORTO RECANATI, MIND Festival – Arena Gigli
11.08.21 LOCOROTONDO (BA), Locus Festival
14.08.21 RICCIONE, Sunrises in Backlight
22.08.21 BAGHERIA (PA), Small Urban Park
23.08.21 CATANIA, Villa Bellini
27.08.21 ROMA, Cavea Auditorium Parco della Musica
28.08.21 LIVORNO, Cortomuso – Ippodromo Caprilli new date
03.09.21 MILANO, Summer Sforzesca new date

Tickets on sale at this link>

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