The office of the 600 mayors parades in Rome: “We ask for more protections”

The office of the 600 mayors parades in Rome: “We ask for more protections”
The office of the 600 mayors parades in Rome: “We ask for more protections”

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There was also one delegation of Lombard mayors fra i quali Emilio Del Bono between 600 first citizens of all of Italy who walked compactly under the scorching sun of Rome and with the tricolor sash worn, arriving in Piazza Santi Apostoli shouting “Dignity for the mayors”. From Virginia Raggi to Beppe Sala, from Antonio Decaro to Chiara Appendino, from Dario Nardella to Leoluca Orlando, up to the representatives of the smaller municipalities, with a single purpose: “We don’t want immunity, we don’t want impunity, we want to be judged for what are the responsibilities of a mayor. But responsibilities must be limited, one cannot be responsible for anything. We find ourselves under investigation whatever happens in our municipalities for the mere fact of being mayors, we want protections “, the president of Anci and mayor of Bari Decaro summed up, adding another point:” Anyone can stand as a candidate except the mayors, without resigning six months earlier; does it seem a form of institutional racism or is someone afraid of the consent of the mayors? They must not be afraid of it, they must allow us, as is the case with other institutional figures, to stand as candidates “.

On stage the mayor Raggi echoed: «Being mayor is the best job in the world and we ask the government to listen to us. We want to work with serenity, we ask for example the reform of the procurement system because it is not possible to wait 2 or 3 years to call a tender. Free the mayors from bureaucracy! »; then it was the turn of the mayor of Milano Sala, who emphasized the union of administrators: “We are united and we will go forward together because what we ask is to defend our community. Let’s not let off steam in chats, we ask. Our legal and economic status must be respected and this time we will not be satisfied with a tweet of solidarity, we want the facts. If we have not received an answer within 3 months we will still be here ».

The mayor of Turin Appendino touched on the topic of funds from the National Resistance and Resilience Plan: “If we have to spend the money from the NRP and we have to spend it ourselves, then we must be enabled to sign without fear. This is why we ask for the right protections ». Words shared by the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella: «We mayors have our cities at heart and we would like to work in a climate of greater serenity. We do not ask for immunity or criminal shields but the right proportion of our responsibilities. If the mayors fall, Italy falls ». “Together with all the mayors of Italy we declare the bankruptcy of fiscal federalism and we ask that we return to derivative finance – said the mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando – it is necessary that the State take responsibility above all for realities such as Sicily, where we they are over-indebted municipalities but also over-credited municipalities, due to the failure to implement fiscal federalism ”.

This morning the mayors had arranged specific proposals for regulations with which a formal and concrete commitment is requested from the Government and Parliament, from all parliamentary groups of majority and opposition, leading to the adoption of a decree-law within the next three months. Decaro, at the end of the demonstration, brought the proposals to Prime Minister Mario Draghi: «I’m going to Palazzo Chigi, I’ve already been there this morning, and I found a great willingness on the part of President Draghi. He also agrees with us on the fact of changing the legal system ».

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