“We need more courage” or “Should they be canceled”? – Corriere.it

“We need more courage” or “Should they be canceled”? – Corriere.it
“We need more courage” or “Should they be canceled”? – Corriere.it

First objective: to eliminate the cycle paths that have paralyzed the city. With his proverbial impetuosity, Vittorio Feltri took a moment to ignite an electoral campaign that so far – thanks to some absences at the starting line – seemed to be struggling to take off. And he did it by entering with his leg straight up a theme that in the last year and a half has split the city into two factions. The new mobility (and here also the scooters, those mosquitoes on wheels, copyright of the editorial director of Free, judge monsters) was one of the immediate effects of the era of coexistence with the virus. By narrow-gauge public transport, for the slow return to normalcy the Municipality has bet on a maxi cycle path that a part of the city still struggles to digest. The symbol of discord is the daily elbowing between two and four wheels along corso Buenos Aires.

The exit of Feltri then sounds a bit like the start of the race for Palazzo Marino. The debate has regained vigor. Right from the start, the center-right picked up the discontent of the car ultrers and many shopkeepers. It is no coincidence that the radical position of the leader of FdI was married (albeit in a blunt version) by the new candidate for mayor Luca Bernardo: You are right, the cycle paths must be done safely and not as they have been traced up to now. That the campaign for the autumn vote could derive from a referendum on two wheels, Beppe Sala he had guessed it. Poor Milan, if there were to be an electoral campaign on the Buenos Aires cycle path, it was his preventive outburst a few days ago, still guaranteeing that there would be no rethinking, if anything, some adjustment. And if from the right they invoke reverse, the leftist oppositions challenge the junta to be more daring. The cycle paths must be done, but in an organic way. And above all – says the rosseverde candidate Gabriele Mariani – the system of non-residential parking must be rethought. For this we are to apply the referendum of 2011 on the extension of Area C to the city limits, also to generate resources to strengthen public transport. Similar criticism from Bianca Tedone, candidate for mayor of Power to the People: Talking about the track in more or less an operation at no political cost. It is used by Sala to build the image green and to Feltri to make theater. Sustainable mobility not a question of fashion or propaganda: in one of the most polluted areas in the world an obligatory choice, but effective only from an integrated perspective in which public transport is placed side by side that truly meets the needs of citizens.

For his criticisms, the socialist candidate Giorgio Goggi adopts another point of view: They are not a political fact, but a technical one. There is a regulation observed everywhere, except in Milan: on the major axes they are carried out in a protected site, otherwise they are traced in 30 zones and residential streets. Right then to extend the cycle network, but not against cars. The reading of the former Albertini councilor for transport does not differ from that of Aci. We are neither for nor against. Everyone’s road – says President Geronimo La Russa -. The cycle paths are useful, but they cannot be done with a brush in one night, or against cars, which will still be needed for years. What about scooters? A battle does not make sense, they are now an ineluctable tool. It must be regulated: helmet, speed reduction and more checks and fines by the brigade.

The issue is no longer a matter of politics alone. In recent months it has involved the whole city. We are not against a priori, we ask for a preventive involvement in order to be able to compare, says for example Marco Barbieri, general secretary of Confcommercio, who in September will also ask for a public discussion with all the candidates on this issue. On the other hand, the pro auto MedereMi movement disputes the quality of the plan: it is clear that a study suitable for the city has been lacking. The opposite side represented by the variegated environmental world, united in asking for more courage, on the contrary, because the policy on cycling – says Anna Gerometta of Cittadini per aria – still too shy: you need a lot of tracks and reduce the number of stops on the road to have the necessary space. We too say enough to cycle paths – finally the provocative comment of the antismog Parents to Feltri’s words – why in fact let cyclists pass inside the fences, when they should use the whole road safely ?.

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