Covid, new peak of cases in Great Britain: there are 32,500 4 days before the Euro 2020 final. And hospitalizations also begin to increase

Four days from the final of the Europeans a Wembley, the data coming from the UK continue to confirm the rise of infections from coronavirus, which today peak from half January. 32,548 were recorded in the last 24 hours out of a million tampons processed, up from over 28 thousand yesterday. A increase linked to the spread of Delta variant or ex Indian, particularly contagious. On the other hand, it remains in a much lower proportion for now – thanks to the effect of vaccinations – the total of hospitalizations in hospitals (climbed just over 2,400), even if – as reported by the Guardian – only the July 3 have been hospitalized 386 people with a weekly count increasing by 44,7%. While the daily deaths drop even slightly: 33 against 37 yesterday. THE vaccines administered meanwhile, almost 80 million doses, with over 64.6% of over 18s fully immunized on the island and 86.4% covered by one dose. On June 1st the Delta variant, explains theWHO, was present in 62 Countries, to jump to 80 in the middle of last month and rebound to 104 last week.

The data of the infections counted in the country arrive the day after the game Italy-Spain and on the day of second semifinal (Denmark-England), while the countdown begins for the last match on Sunday with the London stadium which, as for yesterday and today, will be up to 75% full with well 60 thousand people. In this scenario also comes the wide-ranging study conducted byOffice for National Statistics – the British Istat – according to which 90% of the population of UK with over 16 years of age it appears to have developed Covid antibodies.

He first Boris Johnson he knows perfectly well that the new infections Covid triggered in UK from Delta variant they keep running and will increase again. Despite this, he is ready to complete the path towards the almost total exit of the island from lockdown in 12 days, the July 19, with no more legal obligations on the distancing O on the use of masks, betting everything – sooner and faster than any other country in the world – on personal responsibility and above all on the effectiveness of vaccines. Vaccines which, given over Sleeve at a record pace, they are for now slowing down the impact on hospitalizations in hospitals (albeit on the rise) and above all on the number of daily deaths: passing to one death for every thousand infections compared to 1 in 60 touched in the past winter.

The formalization of the timing of this sort of ‘all free den’ will have to be confirmed on July 12. But in the words of Johnson the goal is scored, without more possible deviations from the date of 19 July, pompously indicated as that of the “day of freedom”, after the decision to postpone the initial deadline of the June 21st of the fourth and last stage of the roadmap of the reopenings right in the background of the alert Delta, which at the end of August could cause 100 thousand infections to be registered in the country. The goal becomes not only the expected one to put an end to prohibitions still in effect on locals nocturnal or to loosen the limitations for cinema, theaters, concerts, mass events; but to delete each as well directive binding on masks in public places al Closed (albeit with the “suggestion” to continue wearing them voluntarily on means of transport or in crowded environments), on the distancing interpersonal of at least one meter, at work from home. An almost return to normality, in short, limited for now to England (where almost 90% of the population of the Kingdom), waiting for local governments to Scotland, Wales and northern Ireland decide whether to adapt (probably in August) or not.

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