“Chiara Ferragni attacks with an embarrassing message”

“Chiara Ferragni attacks with an embarrassing message”
“Chiara Ferragni attacks with an embarrassing message”

“We are under attack by influencers, like Chiara Ferragni, who says: ‘Dear politicians, you suck’, with an embarrassing message due to superficiality and indifference”. Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, expresses himself in this way in the debate on the Zan Bill. In recent days, Renzi is the protagonist of a cross-talk with Chiara Ferragni and her husband Fedez, who today dedicated a series of stories on Instagram to the former premier.

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“I believe that we must return to giving dignity to politics. And even if I were to remain the last to fight for this, I would do it with my head held high. Populism has already done too much damage to this country”, continues Renzi.

“Friends, I’m not afraid of anything or anyone. We sent home a government that made popularity its strong point, explaining that in politics you don’t have to be popular but you have to be competent. They can hate me as much as they want, I do this. which I think is useful for the country. Laws are made by studying the cards, not taking likes “, adds the leader of Italia Viva, convinced of the need for mediation on the Zan Bill. “Ever since we proposed to find a solution, I have been receiving emails with death threats. Those who should support a hate law, send hate messages that we are collecting with painstaking patience.”

“Ivan Scalfarotto was attacked by a leader of the Democratic Party of Civitavecchia, with the expression ‘frocione di m’. Lisa Noja underlined how Marco Travaglio to talk about hate crimes, teased on those with mental health problems. learn that the fight against discrimination starts from the language and respect of the people who suffer the stigma of diversity every day. It just doesn’t get there. Lucia Annibali receives emails saying ‘You are a bastard like your executioner’ “, adds the leader of Italia Viva, stigmatizing the “absurd controversies on the law against homotransphobia. The same thing is happening in January 2021: everyone is going against us, especially those who do not know what we are talking about”. “Those who do not know how the Senate Regulations work, those who do not know the balance of power, those who live by slogans without going into depth: today they pontificate in unified networks – he continues -. Then, in a few weeks, they will do as with the Count / Draghi: they will realize that things weren’t as influencers and media tell. And they will whistle pretending nothing happened, perhaps trying to get the result registered as they are doing with Draghi “.


Chiara Ferragni attacks embarrassing message

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