Behind the Zan Bill the maneuvers for the Colle: the M5s, the Pd and all the risks for Letta

Behind the Zan Bill the maneuvers for the Colle: the M5s, the Pd and all the risks for Letta
Behind the Zan Bill the maneuvers for the Colle: the M5s, the Pd and all the risks for Letta

«The Zan bill against homo-transphobia was scheduled for July 13 with the vote of the Senate. So it means that the votes are there. So, in transparency and each taking on his responsibilities, let’s go ahead and approve it ». Enrico Letta insists: the Zan Bill must be approved as it is, despite the opposition of the center-right government (Forza Italia and Lega). And the challenge of the secretary of the Democratic Party is addressed not so much to the League as to the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi, who voted in favor of scheduling but who for days has been screaming to say that the numbers are not there and that a broad agreement must be found to make some changes that also meet the perplexities of the Holy See itself.

The arrival in the Senate classroom after the impasse in the committee

But anyhow: 274 days after her arrival in the Senate after the go-ahead from the Chamber during Conte 2 (yes by M5s, Pd, Leu and the same Iv by Renzi), 274 days in which she was blocked in committee Justice, the law against homo-transphobia signed by the democrat Alessandro Zan arrives in the Chamber without agreement and at risk of sinking.


Ostellari’s attempt at mediation in extremis

The last-minute attempt at mediation supported by the Renzians and implemented by the League’s president of the Justice Commission Andrea Ostellari (via the reference in the text to gender identity and greater protections for equal schools), which for his part on the other hand, he used the long months spent in committee to delay the approval of the law as much as possible: for Pd and M5s mediation is not good, and therefore we go to the count in the Chamber. And if in the next few hours we do not reach some an agreement will be a war of obstruction, an avalanche of amendments to which the dean Roberto Calderoli is already dedicating himself and continuous requests for secret votes.

Arm wrestling inside the former Giallorossi majority

The question arises spontaneously: what’s the point? The truth is that it is now a whole battle within the former Giallorossi majority that is being fought around the Zan Ddl: on the one hand Letta, who around the battle over the rights of homosexuals and trans he wants to start again to consolidate the alliance with the M5s despite the strong crisis that the movement is experiencing in the duel between Giuseppe Conte and Beppe Grillo, pushing the “sovereignist” Salvini to the margins of the large Draghian alliance; on the other Renzi, who wants to take advantage of the crisis in which the “grillini” have screwed up to definitively break the embrace between the Pd and M5s and open up new scenarios for alliances.

In the Democratic Party there are doubts about Letta’s strategy

Both contenders naturally look to the majority who will have to elect Sergio Mattarella’s successor at the Quirinale next February. But as the hours go by, there are many dems who express perplexity about Letta’s strategy (if the law against homo-transphobia passes it is a victory, if it is put down it will be known that the “usual” Renzi is responsible) . Starting with the governor of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini, who invited the comrades of the Democratic Party to sit at the negotiating table to bring the law home anyway, with notebooks closed many dem senators and members of the government of the reformist former Renzian Base current they are pushing for an agreement with IV and the center-right.


Zan Bill maneuvers Colle M5s risks Letta

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