perfect final with Italy, Denmark mocked in extra time – Libero Quotidiano

perfect final with Italy, Denmark mocked in extra time – Libero Quotidiano
perfect final with Italy, Denmark mocked in extra time – Libero Quotidiano

LONDON (ENGLAND) (ITALPRESS) – Italy’s opponent in the Euro 2020 final will be England. The Southgate national team beat Denmark 2-1 in extra time and won an international final that had been missing for 55 years. That is, from the world success of 1966, right at Wembley which will be the scene of the last act with the Azzurri and which was the scene of the historic network of Harry Kane after 104 ‘of fear and suffering.

The Tottenham striker scores his fourth goal in the tournament and prepares to challenge Donnarumma in a mythical setting, which today has been able to offer a show on the pitch and in the stands. But only from 30 ‘onwards. In fact, in the first half hour the pace is slow, the two teams seem to study each other and the game struggles to light up. One of the surprises of this European Championship is kicking off the actual show. Spectacular free kick by Mikkel Damsgaard who at 30 ‘signs a goal with a double meaning in good style: it is the first goal collected by Pickford in this tournament and it is the first seal on a direct free kick in the review. England does not suffer the psychological backlash. Indeed, he shakes and takes the game in hand.

At 38 ‘Saka’s ball in the center for Sterling who shoots at Schmeichel from two steps. Time one minute and England found the equalizer with a photocopy action: Kane lights up for Saka, cross in the center and an own goal by Kjaer in an attempt to anticipate Sterling. At 55 ′ there is what can be the parade of the European Championship: kick placed from the right of Mount, Maguire horns on the near post but Schmeichel overcomes and denies the goal with a great intervention. It is the last big chance before the triple whistle and the start of extra time.

At 94 ‘flash of Kane: shot in depth and diagonal in split but Schmeichel is still superlative. At 101 ′ Sterling is unleashed who causes panic in the area and falls into the area after a contact with Jensen and Maehle. Makkelie concedes the penalty, from eleven meters Schmeichel hypnotizes Kane who on the rebound signs the 2-1 which is worth the first European final in the history of the three lions.


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perfect final Italy Denmark mocked extra time Libero Quotidiano

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