In Rome the protest march of the mayors: “We are guilty of doing our job”

In Rome the protest march of the mayors: “We are guilty of doing our job”
In Rome the protest march of the mayors: “We are guilty of doing our job”

ROME – “We did not come to complain but to turn ourselves in. We are self-confessed and our crime is to do our job as mayors ”. Thus the mayor of Bari and president of Anci, Antonio Decaro, in the square in Rome together with many other mayors to ask the government for dignity towards the role played by the first citizens of Italian municipalities. “I brought the murder weapon – he says, taking out a package from his jacket pocket – it’s a pen that I kept in the bag, as happens with the finds. With this every day we sign dozens of deeds and take risks: if you sign you risk abuse of office, if you don’t sign you risk the omission of official documents“.

Decaro reiterates: “We don’t want immunity or impunity, we want to be judged for our responsibilities but unfortunately this is not the case because today, as the conditions have been created in the legal system of our country, the mayors seem to have become responsible for whatever happens in their community and it is not possible . We ask for respect for the role of the mayors and for their dignity, we do it for us and for those who will come after us ”, he ends.

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A delegation of mayors led by the president of Anci Antonio Decaro and the president of the Anci National Council Enzo Bianco, was received this morning by the president of the Council of Ministers, Mario Draghi, at Palazzo Chigi. The mayors, we read in a note, represented to the president the reasons that led them to take to the streets today for ask for greater respect for the role and work of the first citizens, trusting in the fruitful collaboration with the Government and its ministers with respect to the proposals that will be discussed in the National Council today and subsequently deposited for the attention of the Government and Parliament. Present were Antonio Decaro (Bari), Chiara Appendino (Turin), Roberto Pella (mayor of Valdegno), Stefano Locatelli (mayor of Chiuduno), Paolo Truzzu (mayor of Cagliari), Enzo Bianco (president of the Anci National Council).


“We are asking for the role of the mayors to be respected, not only after tragedies occur or after the conviction of mayors for facts that do not concern them”. So the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi, in the square in the capital to share the Anci proposals for changing the rules on the role of the mayor. “We ask to review the regulatory system – continues Raggi – to give power to the mayors who act, each in their own city, for the good of their fellow citizens. We are in the square together, without distinctions of a political color, to make a joint request to the government“.


Being mayor “is a choice made out of passion”, but “it must not be considered a mission”, since being “simple missionaries is wrong for us and for our community”.
The mayor of Milan reiterates this Giuseppe Sala, today away to Rome for the Anci demonstration, an initiative aimed precisely at raising public awareness of the risks faced by the first citizens in their role and the greater protections they would need to operate. “Dignity – Sala reasons pressed by reporters – is having the ability to go home in the evening knowing that you have done your duty, without risking to find yourself in court. This is the most important thing”. Especially because “abuse of office, or attempted abuse, you take it in an instant”, not to mention the fact “that if you do not do the acts, you risk an omission of an official document”. Here, this “is undignified”. Sala then replies to those who ask him if it is really worth it to be mayor: “We have all thought about it – he comments – the fact that we are here shows that it is worth it”. But a first citizen “it must be protected both from the point of view of responsibilities and economically. In small towns – concludes the mayor of Milan – they have salaries that are not decent ”.


“We ask for respect for our role, not personal impunity. We ask for simplifications for the good of our citizens, not criminal shields. Having responsibility without tools to cope with it is a problem for the country. If the mayors fall, Italy falls“. This is what the mayor of Florence underlines, Dario Nardella, after having participated in the demonstration of the first citizens, organized in Rome by the Anci. “A group of citizens of Florence threatened a civil action for trafficking. Here, we are responsible for everything, from traffic to bad weather, from lightning to thunderstorms, from floods to closing nursery doors. The mayor of Pozzallo – says Nardella – called me a few days ago and told me he was being investigated because he answered a question from a municipal councilor late. Why doesn’t this happen to all the other politicians in Italy? We want to have the same treatments to be able to work for our cities ”, concludes the mayor of Florence.

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