all the finals of Italy in a video

all the finals of Italy in a video
all the finals of Italy in a video

We are in finale: the sweaty match against Spain it ended 5-3 after the penalties. 90 ‘was not enough to decide the outcome of this first Euro2020 semi-final: the goal of Church, he answered Morata. Result unchanged in extra time, then the triumph on penalties.

Delirium Italy, beats Spain on penalties and flies to the final of Euro 2020: England or Denmark on Sunday

Mancini’s blues celebrate, celebrates the whole of Italy. And while we wait to find out who, between England and Denmark, the final match will be played against, let’s take a dip in the past. From the ’34 World Cup, to the 2020 European Championships (to be played in 2021), passing through the Europeans of ’68 and for the unforgettable 82nd and 2006 World Cups: here is the video that reminds us of the finals of our national team.


finals Italy video

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