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In the heart of Italy. And the Orvieto traffic police. Because it was the agents who found themselves in front of their eyes one of those stories that seem to have come out of an episode of Don Matteo: after all, the famous fiction filmed not far from where a desperate family was found. Mother and son, respectively 50 and 25 years old, originally from Southern Italy, but resident in the North for several years. The two lived in their subcompact for a whole week, parked in a service area of ​​the A1, near Fabro, in the province of Terni. They washed in the motorway restaurant and slept, reclining the seats as far as possible in a small car. Until the police officers received several calls from people suspicious of the presence of that car, for several days in the same place.

The woman’s words

The patrol, with two agents from the Polstrada of Orvieto, reached the service station. The usual usual questions to understand if it was a suspicious situation, but then, we immediately jumped in the eyes of the two policemen was the moving story told by a mother who, having lost her job and her house, did not know where to go. . We were immediately struck by the dignity of the two people in the car: at first they were a little worried and fearful, but then they opened up and started talking about each other, recalls Stefano Spagnoli, commander of the Polstrada of Orvieto. We do not know exactly what the lady’s job was, probably in the past she was a saleswoman, but still everything to be clarified, adds the commander. The woman’s story had an even more poignant nuance, when she explained why they had decided to stop right in the large Fabro motorway restaurant: As a child I used to go to Citt della Pieve with my father (Municipality not far from Fabro, ed), and here I really feel at home: these places give me some support and comfort to endure our sufferinga.

The collection

a story that would have struck anyone. For this, the two agents immediately decided, self-taxing, to buy basic necessities for the mother and her son: pasta, milk, biscuits and legumes. What will happen in the next few hours? everything to be decided: tonight we will return with a patrol on the spot and we will try to understand what the intentions of this poor family are, says the commander, who would be ready, if there were the conditions to do so, to ask someone around if it is It is possible to make the mother or the child work: it is clear that it is necessary to understand if their intentions are to return to the North, or to stay in these parts. Finally, not the first time that the Polstrada of Orvieto has come across such a story: In April of last year, we intercepted, again in a motorway restaurant on the Autostrada del Sole, a family, whose young daughter was supposed to have gone to Trentino for a delicate medical examination: they were penniless, and even on that occasion we were able to help them get her back on the journey, concludes Spagnoli, certainly proud of his men and their great heart.

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