scary summer for Italians

Increases up to 84%, unwelcome news for the many Italians who are thinking of opting for a rental car in these 2021 summer months.


Rent a car it is the best decision for many tourists who prefer to travel by plane or train and then take a rental vehicle to move to their destination. At least it was the most popular decision until recently because the summer months of 2021 are shaping up rich in price increases of up to 84%. The report of this sudden and massive increase in costs came from the Federconsumatori National Observatory following a monitoring carried out between June and the first days of July.

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Huge increase in the cost of a rental car

The monitoring of the Federconsumatori National Observatory revealed a significant increase in costs of rental cars. The substantial difference was found between a first week in June in which renting a medium-sized petrol sedan car cost on average € 379.22 and the week of mid-July when the expected price is of 736.73 euros.

The increase is dell’84% while for the end of August an increase of “only” 77% is expected with a weekly expense for the same car of 706.95 euros.

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The most expensive cities in Italy


The higher costs for a rental car are applied to Palermo, Olbia, Bari and Catania. It should also be considered that the greatest increases concern the cities of Milan (near the station), Turin and Naples (in the airport area) with increases reaching a percentage of + 310%.

Rises out of control, this is the complaint of the Federconsumatori, which will involve all the summer months and will hit hard the holidays of the Italians. Clearly speculations are underway and, consequently, the observatory has sent a report to the Competition and Market Authority and to the Transport Regulation Authority.

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The consequences of the price increases

The over-the-top price increases cause some inappropriate consequences for the hoped-for economic recovery of our peninsula after the pandemic. Especially the islands are penalized by the increases in rental cars. The tourists who opt for this solution are, in fact, numerous, and raising the prices to excess means abandon the idea of ​​flying to Sicily and Sardinia to prefer other destinations. Here the recovery of the islands has slowed down as well as local tourism in favor of foreign destinations.

A clear own goal, this is the definition with which Federconsumatori underlined the mistake of activating price increases with very high percentages in this difficult time for many citizens and for operators in the sector.

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