winnings of over 15 million, the details

Tremendous blow in these hours: a lucky one kissed by luck has pocketed a treasure of over 15 million. Here’s how he did it

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If you win at the lottery in one’s own country it must already be something extraordinary in itself, let alone succeeding on a continental scale. And that’s exactly what happened to a lucky man whose life, in these hours, has been totally upset and upset by a numerical combination that has made a millionaire overnight.

Scary Euromillions win

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Let’s talk aboutEuromillions, the game that concerns various nations of the European Union and that offers real capital in the event of a coup. As can be seen from the European press, Lady Luck made a stop in Switzerland in the very last few hours where she crossed the path of a man who pocketed the shock figure of 18.64 million francs. Approximately just over 16 million euros.

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The coup was possible thanks to the following combination: 2, 5, 21, 27 e 42. Plus the two star numbers 9 e 11. Figures that will now mark the life of the person concerned and his future generations, with a booty to be frightening. But it does not end there: as in fact Loterie Romande reports, the next draw will relaunch even more forcefully. In fact, there will even be at stake 19 million francs.


winnings million details

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