PosteMobile, the CEO of PostePay Siracusano on the Vodafone mobile network and on the Fiber offer –

PosteMobile, the CEO of PostePay Siracusano on the Vodafone mobile network and on the Fiber offer –
PosteMobile, the CEO of PostePay Siracusano on the Vodafone mobile network and on the Fiber offer –

After passage of PosteMobile to the Vodafone Italia network, with the definitive abandonment of the WindTre one for new and existing customers, the CEO of Postepay Marco Siracusano commented on the advantages of the operation.

Marco Siracusano was in fact interviewed by TG Poste on July 2, 2021, to describe the future developments of PostePay SpA and PosteMobile starting from the agreement with Vodafone.

During the interview, the CEO recalled the recent news of the transition to the Vodafone network, made official by PosteMobile with the progressive migration of already customers which began on June 16, 2021, which was followed on June 24, 2021 by the announcement of the activation of the new SIM cards directly on the Vodafone network.

In this regard, CEO Marco Siracusano believes that the agreement with Vodafone signed a few months ago falls within that process of strengthening the infrastructure and the quality of services that PostePay is researching both in the core business of payments and in that of telephony and, in the future, also in the energy business that Poste Italiane will enter.

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As for the advantages of migration to the Vodafone network, according to Siracusano, the wholesale agreement with the operator represents a strategic choice that “It will essentially improve the quality of network services” without any inconvenience to customers.

Please note that due to the discontinuation of 3G carried out in recent months by Vodafone to allocate more resources to 4G, PosteMobile customers will no longer have access to this network technology.

During the speech it was reiterated that existing customers are simply migrated to the Vodafone network automatically, while new customers activate their SIM directly on the new network.

Existing customers therefore do not have to change the SIM because PosteMobile is a Full MVNO virtual operator, and PosteMobile ESP customers still remained under the Vodafone network.

Marco Siracusano also highlighted the company’s commitment to optical fiber with PosteCasa Ultraveloce, which allows Poste Italiane to accelerate a process of digital inclusion carried out with digital payments, with literacy on payment systems and now also through fiber.

According to Siracusano, PosteCasa Ultraveloce represents in fact another piece of Poste Italiane’s contribution to reduce the digital divide in Italy “.

For the future, the idea of ​​the CEO of PostePay is that it can continue to focus on the two backbone infrastructures that emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic, or payments and connectivity, to ensure a more massive use and take advantage of the accelerator also provided by the difficulties experienced during the pandemic.

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