Letta blocks the road from the Quirinale to Draghi – Il Tempo

Letta blocks the road from the Quirinale to Draghi – Il Tempo
Letta blocks the road from the Quirinale to Draghi – Il Tempo

Giada Oricchio

05 July 2021

Enrico Letta on the opposite side of Lega leader Matteo Salvini: no early elections and no Mario Draghi President of the Republic. It must reach the end of the legislature, other than the Quirinale. The secretary of the Democratic Party, guest of “In Onda”, the political talk of LA7 – in front of a Swg poll for TgLa7 on the voting intentions that would give a possible political party of Giuseppe Conte to 12.7% in case of farewell to M5S – claims not to be interested in the future of the Florentine lawyer that the elections are far away, but to fear the instability and breakdown of the M5S: “I would not want that to happen because it would be a great gift to the right. We need to focus on vaccinations and restarting. The measures of the PNRR must be rapidly implemented ”.

Then he sends the real message: “My thesis, the line of the PD is to support the Draghi government and above all to ensure that it lasts until the end of the legislature. Draghi represents a guarantee for Italy in the world, everyone has the perception of its credibility and its strength. It would be a very serious mistake if this story stopped soon. To be clear, compared to Salvini who wants to send him to the Quirinale to go to the vote, I think it is very important not to make fun of global and European public opinion and Europe that has given us the money to make reforms and which led to this extraordinary and unique government that will never happen again ”. The halt to Draghi al Colle seems to be dictated by the need to take time as in the polls the PD is the third party at 18% behind the League and the Brothers of Italy.

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Letta blocks road Quirinale Draghi Tempo

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