Rocco Siffredi: “I regret having defended the Zan bill”

Rocco Siffredi: “I regret having defended the Zan bill”
Rocco Siffredi: “I regret having defended the Zan bill”

We respect individual freedoms without exploiting them“. So Rocco Siffredi in the last interview given to Free he went back to talking about the Zan bill. This time, however, the porn actor did not take sides in support of the bill, which punishes those who instigate homophobic violence. Rather. Siffredi revealed that he regretted having lent his image to promote its approval.

Last April Siffredi had put his face on social media to support the approval of the ddl Zan. Like many other famous people, Rocco Siffredi had shared on the web his photo with his hand in the foreground with the writing ddl Zan to reveal his support for the bill promoted by Alessandro Zan. A few months later, however, and after the enormous uproar that broke out around the Zan bill, the porn actor had his say clearly: “I was wrong and I would never do it again. I joined without knowing its contents, but strong in my being against any form of violence against homosexuals and bullying“And in doing so he also removed the photo from his social networks.

Rocco Siffredi reiterated his “no” to violence homophobic and bullying, but he also said “no” to the Zan bill, which seems to have become more of a “stubborn” leftist and object of exploitation than a real battle for rights. “I realized that continuing to talk about it has the opposite effect. People are encouraged to give up. We respect individual freedoms without exploiting them“, Siffredi replied without delay in the interview.

In the long chat made up Free, Rocco Siffredi also said he was against the gay pride demonstration, a global event that seems to have lost its initial intent: “I say enough also to the useless antics of the gods gay pride. If we want to call it a party I’m there, but if we have to call it a gay rights identity demonstration I say you broke my dick“. Direct and decisive words from Siffredi to reiterate that”live their sexuality as the fuck they want“it’s one thing, but”play the clown“is another. And emphasizing the concept, the king of porn concluded:”At this rate in a while there will also be the heteropride, all to claim their normality. Can you imagine chaos?“. Words that give a kick to the politically correct.


Rocco Siffredi regret defended Zan bill

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