Porsche diktat to suppliers: only renewable energies

The Taycan assembly line (The photos are taken from the Porsche media site).

Porsche notice to suppliers: We only accept components made from renewable energies. Those who don’t adapt (and certify) are out, says # 1 Oliver Blume.

Porsche no.1, Oliver Blume, with the Taycan Cros Turismo.

Diktat Porsche: those who do not produce green will be out

It is the fulfillment of a journey that began with the most critical phase in the construction of an electric car: the production of the cells for batteries. Last year, the Stuttgart company had already demanded from suppliers at this stage the use of only green energy, to improve the ecological footprint of the Taycan. Now Blume keeps a promise made in March: with the month of July ai 1.300 supplier Porsche is required to use renewable energy for all new production models. It is impossible to ask suppliers to adapt car systems that have already been in production for some time, like 911. But in new projects, the page is turned. Those unwilling to switch to green energy will no longer be considered in long-term supply tenders. La Porche also works on projects for the battery recycling. Blume has repeatedly guaranteed that by 2030 the cells will be reusable “at least 90%. And in the future they will be made with fewer pollutants like cobalt”.

dictation porsche
Uwe Karsten Städter, capo del Procurement della Porsche

The (controversial) alternative to synthetic fuels remains

Blume wants a zero-emission Porsche, without the fig leaf compensate with green certificates, but with a real conversion. “Our battery cell suppliers have already had to use green energy since 2020. And now we are taking the next important step. We stipulate that even series suppliers use only renewable energy to produce components, to help further reduce emissions. We feel a responsibility to ensure that supply chains are transparent and sustainable“, He explains Uwe-Karsten Städter, Head of Procurement. TO Zuffenhausen and Leipzig production will be based on renewables and the use of biogas. By 2030, Porsche will invest more than one billion euros in wind turbines, solar energy and other measures. The range will become more and more electric, but for models like the 911 it will focus on synthetic fuels, a dividing alternative made in Germany.ì

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