GTA 6 will be released when we stop buying virtual hearts underpants with real money –

GTA 6 will be released when we stop buying virtual hearts underpants with real money –
GTA 6 will be released when we stop buying virtual hearts underpants with real money –

When it comes out GTA 6? When gamers stop spending real money to buy virtual objects in an amount that makes it uneconomical to even think of replacing GTA 5 and its GTA Online. After all, why should Rockstar Games and Take Two dispose of their goose that lays golden eggs, which has been holding their budgets for years, when it is precisely with the latest major updates that it has achieved its best results? It would be crazy.

Knowing that we’ll probably be playing the new GTA in 2025 (if not beyond) isn’t all that amazing, then. Rockstar Games he is taking it very easy, as it should be. The new GTA will likely be technically advanced enough to dwarf anything else on the market, a little bit what happened with GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, but the point is not the technological advancement (and the investment behind it. , certainly immense), as well as the very idea of ​​utility of a sequel. Sooner or later it will have to go out, necessarily, but only when doing so will be truly inevitable in order not to lose the supremacy acquired and not go to disintegrate the communities that have been created around the fifth chapter, those that bring money continuously.

The age of live service is this: when a game works, it must be updated to exhaustion, not replaced, because replacing means that even if your name is GTA you have to start from scratch, while by updating you can continue to sell junk always to the same customers taken in your loop.

What makes us smile is that we imagine that not even Rockstar Games would have dared to hope so much when it launched GTA V. Huge sales yes, lasting success too, but that in 2021 there were still so many people online was a prediction that not even the most optimistic business plan in the world. 2013 could have considered.

So let’s wait for 2025 and maybe even beyond for GTA 6, while for GTA 7 some of us must hope to have enough remaining life to get there, because trust me, if the sales of the sixth chapter are even only comparable to those of the fifth, Rockstar Games will not be in any hurry to give it a sequel … indeed, it will lengthen it. further the life cycle.


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