Reggio Calabria, many people hunting for crumbs of freedom on Easter Monday: walking in the center with distance and mask, great order and full compliance with the rules of the “red zone” [FOTO]

April 5, 2021 21:56

A slightly more “normal” Easter Monday in Reggio Calabria: many people tried to regain some freedom by walking in the center in compliance with the rules

Many people poured into the street a Reggio Calabria today, day of Easter Monday, despite the fact that the day was not exactly spring. As had already been amply highlighted on the day of Monday, the first in red zone of the Calabria after the weeks in yellow and orange, even today citizens have preferred to spend this day of celebration outdoors. As can be seen from the images accompanying the article (above PHOTOGALLERY sliding), many people of all ages walked this afternoon between Corso Garibaldi e Via Marina, respecting the basic rules of common sense and health prevention, that is, the use of mask and the practice of spacing.

The images of last year are now far away, with Easter and Easter Monday instead spent inside, inside his own family, without leaving the “beak” out of his own home. In fact, even with the restrictions in place, it is clear that this is not the lockdown than 12 months ago. It is possible to leave the house to practice many activities, also eliminating the fear that characterized the pandemic until a few months ago. The will to live, in fact, is stronger than that fear which – alas – continues to represent the cornerstone of a whole series of logic-less and anti-scientific decisions, in which no one believes anymore: Open churches, for example, in the face of closed restaurants, gyms and hairdressers (the latter with the red zone of the old Dpcm had remained open and also for this reason tomorrow they will manifest and reopen in protest); but also the impossibility of leaving one’s own region, which clashes with the freedom to go on holiday abroad.

People slowly try to get those crumbs of freedom granted from Dpcm. Citizens have re-appropriated their public spaces with enormous rigor and discipline, respecting all the rules and taking advantage of the day of celebration to enjoy a bit of relaxation by taking advantage of the takeaway service in the many places that have been specially open to serve customers. Long queues for an ice cream from Cesare but also in the other premises of Corso and Lungomare, because it is possible to regain one’s freedoms without breaking the rules.


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