Italy is back in two colors and from 20 April also bars, restaurants and cinemas could reopen

Italy is back in two colors and from 20 April also bars, restaurants and cinemas could reopen
Italy is back in two colors and from 20 April also bars, restaurants and cinemas could reopen
After Easter and Easter Monday and after the red holiday weekend, Italy is back in two colors. And with the country between red and orange, some activities could start again. In fact, it will be the control room next week to evaluate based on epidemiological data whether it will be possible to give the green light to some activities. Certainly the first to ask for changes are not only the owners of the assets but also the regions themselves. In short, something, vaccination campaign permitting, is moving. Although very slowly, as well as slowly slows the curve of the contagion. There is no doubt, however, that the Regions are asking to leave and will officially ask for it on Thursday. Of course it will depend – as Prime Minister Draghi also said on the epidemiological data – but the governors are ready to join forces to snatch a restart date from the government. Government that they will meet next Thursday, on the eve of the usual weekly monitoring. “Provide perspectives to those closed sectors by evaluating openings immediately after April 20, in the event of an improvement in epidemiological data, to then allow the restart of activities in stand-by for too long such as gyms from May”. In the first place, however, with all the attention and the appropriate rules they could reopen bars, restaurants, hairdressers, beauty centers and even theaters. A commitment, the latter, to which the Minister of Culture Franceschini is very keen. And for over a year, in fact, thousands of artists remain at stake, blocked by a long professional lockdown. Even some businesses such as record shops may soon raise their shutters.
Red zone and orange zone after Easter: what changes from 6 April

Meanwhile, pending the next monitoring and possible verification in mid-April, which will evaluate the possibility that the areas where the spread of the virus is more contained may return to yellow, here are the measures envisaged in the next few hours depending on the territories.

RED AREA – (Lombardy, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Calabria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont, Puglia, Valle d’Aosta and Campania) – There are nine regions subjected to the strictest containment measures, where it is allowed to move only for reasons of work, health or necessity and it is not allowed to visit relatives or friends. On the other hand, it is always possible to carry out physical activity, but only in the vicinity of one’s home, and outdoor sports activities individually. Schools are present up to the sixth grade while distance learning is provided for pupils up to eighth grade and high school students. Barbers, hairdressers, beauty centers, clothing stores, footwear and jewelers are closed. Food stores, tobacconists, newsagents, pharmacies, parapharmacies, laundries, opticians, perfumeries, herbalists, stationers, underwear and household linen stores, hardware stores remain open. Children’s shops are also open, from toys to clothing. The activity of the markets that exclusively sell foodstuffs continues. Shopping centers are closed on weekends.

Indoor premises, how the infection spreads

ORANGE AREA – (Veneto, Marche, province of Trento, Lazio, Abruzzo, Liguria, Basilicata, Sicily, Molise, Sardinia, Umbria and autonomous province of Bolzano) – Visits, always once a day and always in no more than two people, are allowed in the orange area, within the municipality of residence. Movements outside of one’s own municipality are prohibited. For those territories with less than 5 thousand inhabitants it is allowed to move within 30 km from the border of one’s own municipality, with the prohibition, however, from traveling to the provincial capitals. Schools in attendance up to sixth grade. Pupils up to eighth grade and high school will also be in the classroom, but at 50%. All shops are open, including hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons, while shopping centers are closed on weekends.

It is forbidden to leave the house from 10pm to 5am. The ban is not valid in case of work, health or necessity. Bars and restaurants are closed: only take-away is possible, until 6pm, and home delivery, until 10pm and only for restaurants (in case of restoration of the yellow areas, bars and restaurants could reopen for lunch). The presidents of the region, unlike what has been the case up to now, will not be able to issue more restrictive ordinances to close schools. If the mid-month verification gives a positive result and therefore the yellow zones will return, the reopening of cinemas and theaters could be considered with the rules that were already provided for in the previous decree.

The two mandatory rules of the virologist Di Perri to stop the pandemic to be followed obsessively

Movements between regions are prohibited, unless you have a second home. Mobility is allowed only for reasons of work, health and necessity. It will always be possible to return to one’s residence, domicile or home.

It will always be possible to reach second homes, even in the red zone, as long as there are no ordinances of the regional presidents that impose more restrictive rules.

A lounge, a bar and a classroom: this is how the infection is transmitted by air

It is possible to travel to Europe, but at least until the end of the month there are limitations for all those who have stayed or passed through in the fourteen days prior to entering Italy in one or more EU states and territories: among these, according to the law in the new list of countries present in the annex, Austria, Israel, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland are also included from 7 April, where it will therefore be possible to travel without specific reasons, as is the case for the other countries of the ‘Europe. Anyone returning to Italy from one of these countries or the EU must in any case undergo a swab (molecular or antigenic) carried out within 48 hours before entering Italy and the result of which is negative, undergo health surveillance and fiduciary isolation to five days and at the end of the isolation carry out another test.

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