Coronavirus, vaccines and advance second doses in Umbria: new indications from the Region

Coronavirus, vaccines and advance second doses in Umbria: new indications from the Region
Coronavirus, vaccines and advance second doses in Umbria: new indications from the Region

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05 July 2021 12:41

New indications from the task force of the Umbria Region regarding the anti-Covid vaccination campaign, after the stop to new appointments was announced in recent days and the under 30s were put on stand-by, with the advance of second doses as a priority to extremely vulnerable subjects.

Coronavirus, Delta variant and less doses: Umbria anticipates the recalls of vaccines

“Due to the limited supply of vaccines and following the indications of the commissioner approved by the Technical Scientific Committee – reads a note today (Monday 5 July) -, in Umbria to extremely vulnerable subjects who have not yet completed the vaccination cycle is priority granted the possibility of anticipating the second dose, obviously up to the useful time of 21 days for Pfizer and 28 for Moderna from the first dose. The possibility of anticipating is also granted to the other categories and, at the moment, those who have made the request and they had the second dose scheduled until July 21. Going forward it will extend according to the number of doses that will arrive from the National Commissioner Structure “.

Those who have requested the advance of the second dose, explains the Region, “will receive SMS with instructions to book the transfer of the second dose through the portal. Those who had scheduled the second dose by July 21 have already received SMS. the remaining applicants have been contacted. For those who have not yet applied, the advancement procedure will be made available (on the website of the Umbria Region, ed.) in the coming days “.

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On the other hand, tourists who ask to be vaccinated in Umbria “are taken care of – the note reads again -, but the possibility of vaccinating will be given only if the doses are available. Residents who have taken the first dose outside the region for work, for study or because they went for a vaccine day, they will be taken in charge to make the second dose, organizing them for the maximum possible time in relation to the availability of the vaccine “.

“In this month the programming – explains Massimo D’Angelo, regional commissioner for the Covid emergency, – given the reshaping of the doses delivered by the central government, is oriented only for the administration of second doses and in any case it will first be necessary to guarantee who has done the first dose in Umbria “.


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