blue ransom! Retornaz and his teammates win the battle with the Swiss – OA Sport

blue ransom! Retornaz and his teammates win the battle with the Swiss – OA Sport
blue ransom! Retornaz and his teammates win the battle with the Swiss – OA Sport

1.04: On the Italian night a very important challenge for the blues against the USA, while tomorrow Italy will always face Canada at 10 pm. That’s all for the moment, see you tomorrow morning for the Italy-USA report and tomorrow night for the Italy-Canada live broadcast. Thanks for joining us and goodnight

1.02: Italy jumps to fourth place in the standings tied with Switzerland, Scotland, Sweden and the USA. This is the ranking after tonight’s challenges:

1 Norway 6 5 1
1 RCF 6 5 1
3 Canada 7 5 2
4 Italy 6 4 2
4 Scotland 6 4 2
4 Switzerland 6 4 2
4 Sweden 6 4 2
4 United States 6 4 2
9 Denmark 6 2 4
9 Japan 6 2 4
11 Korea 7 2 5
12 Germany 6 1 5
13 China 7 1 6
13 Netherlands 7 1 6

1.01: Surprising results in the other two scheduled challenges: South Korea-Canada 10-9 and Germany-Norway 8-6

0.59: SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!! SURGICAL RETORNAZ !!! Put the stone to the point and Italy beats Switzerland by measuring the Swiss by inflicting the second defeat in the World Cup. Setback with Japan redeemed and beautiful victory for the Azzurri

0.57: The last two shots of Schwarz and Retornaz are missing, who will have the task of placing the stone at the point

0.54: There is a Swiss stone in the house after the first ten pitches

0.52: There are no stones in the house after the first four pitches

0.47: Switzerland takes the point and Italy will have the opportunity to play the last end with the available hand

9.41: Italy at point after Retornaz’s first pitch, let’s see Schwarz if he can come up with something. Switzerland needs two points

9.38: High density of stones in the house with Switzerland at the point after 10 pitches of the ninth end

0.33: Swiss Stone on point after the first four pitches

0.30: Holland in the meantime won their first World Cup victory by overwhelming China 10-2

0.28: Retornaz does not risk, he takes the point and Italy returns to the advantage after the eighth end: 3-2

0.26: There is a blue stone at point when Retornaz’s last pitch is missing but there are three Swiss stones around the Italian one near the button, very difficult to place the second point

0.23: Italy on point after Schwarz’s first pitch but the blue stone is surrounded by two Swiss stones

0.22: Arman unhinges the Swiss central guard and now there are two blue stones in the central guard and a Swiss stone in the house when Mosaner where to complete the last pitch

0.17: Double central guard for the Swiss after five shots of the eighth end

0.14: One point for the Swiss in the seventh end, the situation returns to a tie and Retornaz once again good at limiting the damage

0.12: Last Swiss reflection before the last pitch of the seventh end. There is a Swiss point stone surrounded by the blue stones

11.58pm: Mosaner’s two pitches are good. Italy at the point after 11 pitches of the sixth end

23.51: Two blue stones in point after Arman’s fifth pitch

23.46: Schwarz places the stone in the button on his last shot and Retornaz fails the double, so Italy must again be satisfied with the point with the hand in favor: the blues return to lead 2-1

23.39: Double take out Michel and Mosaner and there is a yellow stone (Italy) at the point after 10 shots

23.35: After the double take out of the Swiss De Cruz on the seventh pitch of the fifth end there are no stones in the house

23.20: Excellent defense of the blues who leave only one point to Switzerland in the fourth end. Along the last throw of Schwarz far from simple to take the second point. 1-1 after four ends

23.12: Central guard for Retornaz at the first launch, there is a Swiss stone in point but there are three red stones in the house

23.03: A Swiss stone at the point after 8 pitches of the fourth end

22.56: The Azzurri come out of a very difficult situation: there were four Swiss stones at the point but Retornaz with take out manages to remove three of them and place the point for Italy which therefore gives its hand on 1-0

22.52: Very complicated situation for the blues with two Swiss stones on the button and a good cover when the last throw of Retornaz is missing, who must perform a feat

22.46: Switzerland still on point after ten pitches of the third stone. Mosaner removes the opposing central guard

22.44: Swiss stone in the button after seven shots, let’s see if Arman manages to overturn the situation, there are three Italian stones in the house

22.37: Retornaz chooses nothing in the second end, removes the only Swiss stone from the house and therefore keeps his hand

22.36: There is a blue stone in point, it’s up to Joel Retornaz

22.28: Arman removes the central guard of the Swiss and now there is a blue stone in the house after the first six pitches of the second end

22.26: Central guard for the Swiss at the beginning of the second end

22.20: No stone in the house. Italy keeps the hand after the first end

22.18: The first end is about to end, soon the first updates from Calgary

22.05: Hand for Italy, the match begins

21.59: The other challenges of this evening: South Korea-Canada, Germany-Norway, China-Holland

21.57: The Swiss deploy Benoit Schwarz, Sven Michel, Peter De Cruz, Valentin Tanner

21.55: This is the composition of the blue team: Joel Retornaz, Amos Mosaner, Sebastiano Arman, Mattia Giovanella

21.52: A fundamental game this evening because Switzerland is one of the favorite teams to play for the title and therefore one of the favorites for access to the Olympic tournament (the top six qualify).

21.48: Up to now Switzerland has 4 wins and one defeat. Full points with five wins are only Norway, while Canada and Russia have achieved five wins and one defeat

21.45: Three wins and two defeats so far for the Azzurri who in the night, after the easy success against Germany, suffered a clear defeat 2-5) against Japan

21.42: Good evening to the friends of OA Sport and welcome to the live live of the sixth challenge of the Azzurri at the Curling World Cup, tonight’s opponent is Switzerland

The chronicle of Italy-South KoreaThe chronicle of Italy-SwedenThe chronicle of Italy-Germany – The chronicle of Italy Japan

Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE on Italy-Switzerland, the fifth match of the Azzurri valid for the 2021 Curling World Cup male. The Italians return to the ice of Calgary (Canada) after having faced South Korea, China, Sweden and Germany. The debut against the Asian formations did not frighten our national team that has performed well and has begun its adventure well in this world championship, where the first six passes for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are awarded, while the match with the Swedish masters saw the Azzurri succumb to the extra end.

Fundamental game this evening because Switzerland is one of the favorite formations to play for the title and therefore one of the favorites for access to the Olympic tournament (the top six qualify). The Swiss have started their World Cup very well by winning the first three games. Joel Retornaz, Amos Mosaner, Sebastiano Arman, Mattia Giovanella they will do everything to be able to defeat their Swiss rivals in order to continue to cultivate the Olympic dream.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from Italy-Switzerland, a match valid for the 2021 World Cup of male curling: news in real time minute by minute, stone by stone, end by end, so as not to really miss a thing. It starts at 22.00. Have a good fun.

Photo: Lapresse

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