Volkswagen, OTA updates for ID.3 and ID4 arrive: here’s how they work

Volkswagen, OTA updates for ID.3 and ID4 arrive: here’s how they work
Volkswagen, OTA updates for ID.3 and ID4 arrive: here’s how they work

With the arrival of the electric models of the ID. Family, Volkswagen had introduced support to OTA updates that over time would improve the functionality of the cars. It’s finally time for the first release. The car manufacturer has in fact communicated that everything is ready to begin the distribution of the first updates. This is a very important novelty also because the German brand intends to focus a lot on this aspect that has become a strength, over time, of Tesla.

Volkswagen highlights a very important aspect of the OTA updates dedicated to the family of its electric. These updates are not limited to improving the infotainment as they allow to intervene at a more “profound” level. In simple terms, it is possible to go and modify / improve the basic functionality of the car. Therefore, the engine, range, ADAS and much more can be improved.

First we need to make a premise. The first ID.3s launched on the market they didn’t have the full software. These cars were then updated through a manual procedure in the workshop. Among the novelties there was also the possibility of receiving OTA updates. All the latest models that have version 2.1 of the software are already set up to receive updates remotely.

Volkswagen announces that the rollout starts from this month of July. The first to get the update will be the customers who had joined theID. First Movers Club with the purchase of their ID.3. Later it will also arrive for all owners of the ID.3 and ID.4. The procedure for installing the update is very simple.

According to Volkswagen, once the OTA is released, the car will go to automatically download it in the background. At that point, inside the infotainment screen a message will appear which warns that an update is available for the car. The start of the installation process must be authorized manually as the car cannot be used until the entire procedure is completed.

Before starting the installation, always from the infotainment it is possible to see the news that the new software release will introduce. Volkswagen points out that the car must remain connected to the internet during the installation procedure. In addition, the vehicle battery must be at least 50% charged. The time required for installation varies depending on the “weight” of the new software. The mark also highlights that at the end of the process, some settings may be reset.

This first update will introduce theID.Software 2.3. According to what was communicated, there will be improvements to the usability of the infotainment, news regarding the functioning of the ID.Light and automatic high beams, a general optimization of the system and more. The update will be divided into two packages for a total of over 6 GB in weight. For the first package the installation will take approximately 40 minutes. For the second, however, it is estimated a time of about 3 hours.

Once fully operational, Volkswagen promises new updates every 3 months.

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