Intesa closes two branches, the mayors rebel: unacceptable, so Carnia is penalized

Intesa closes two branches, the mayors rebel: unacceptable, so Carnia is penalized
Intesa closes two branches, the mayors rebel: unacceptable, so Carnia is penalized

VILLA SANTINA. Banca Intesa Sanpaolo expects to merge the Villa Santina branch with Tolmezzo in December and close it in Ampezzo.

The alarm is raised by Domenico Giatti, mayor of Villa Santina, while Roberto De Marchi, regional secretary of First Cisl, explains that from a practical point of view for users it changes little between closure and merging.

«The customers are however moved to the Tolmezzo branch. The withdrawal of large groups from the territory means that over time all the branches will be closed, removing an essential service from those communities. The staff is re-employed elsewhere – explains De Marchi -, the customers accompanied to home banking, except that in the mountains it is complex, among many elderly people and difficult internet connections ».

«It is a very serious thing for Carnia – says Giatti -, services continue to be removed and so the banks make the mountains pay for their renovations.

The Bcc has already closed at Villa Santina. Banks are the basis of business activities (which need them locally), but also of a young person who buys a car to go to work and of those who want to stay in the mountains.

Villa Santina has no demographic decrease and the industrial area is expanding. Carnia – adds Giatti – cannot be reborn with the closure of the banks, it is unacceptable ».

Concern is also coming from the mountain community of Carnia, through the voice of President Ermes De Crignis. “There is no dialogue on the part of the banks with us, we will contact the institute to understand what margins there are. There are many elderly people here and for many of them the ATM is still a taboo.

And in a moment like this – adds De Crignis -, with the investments that will come from the Recovery fund, there is a need for local banks. Removing the counters becomes a big problem for us and for companies. It is a serious mistake ».

For Ennio De Luca, head of the Sab Federation for Northern Italy, «in the future, the branches will be reserved for important customers, while a lot of staff will work in slightly more advanced call centers, but in this way local communities are destroyed.

At Villa Santina it is not known whether they will at least leave the crates for deposits and withdrawals. The banking system is directed towards apps and telephony – says De Luca -, but it is a problem in certain age groups and in areas with poor connectivity ».

Marco Lenna, mayor of Forni di Sopra, had been offered by Intesa an automated counter for withdrawals and payments, which was immediately refused. «We have demanded a real branch, with the turnover in the village.

We also made it clear that we have the municipal treasury with them, playing all our weapons to defend the branch, which will be left to us, moved to another building », Lenna says. –

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