Symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon, what it is – Chronicle

Symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon, what it is – Chronicle
Symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon, what it is – Chronicle

Rome, July 4, 2021 – La symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon, pathology for which Pope Francis will be operated on at the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome, is a consequence of diverticulitis, inflammation of the diverticula of the colon. In the elderly it can lead to a narrowing of the lumen, preventing the passage of stool. Stricture is just one of complications of diverticula that are benign and very frequent with increasing age: 50% among 50-year-olds, 70% among 70-year-olds and so on.

Surgical intervention

“Sometimes – explains Professor Giuseppe Pappalardo, professor of general surgery at the La Sapienza University of Rome – we proceed in cases of severe inflammation, with medical therapy, but then often it is resolved with surgery. an operation that involves the resection of the compromised part. After the surgery, the patient remains in the hospital for at least ten days. These operations are of a certain importance – explained the doctor – but frequent “.

The frequency of diverticulitis

Diverticula are sac-shaped hernias that affect la mucosa and submucosa of the intestinal wall and are more frequently located in the left colon and in particular in the sigmoid colon. Diverticular disease, explains Sice, the Italian Society of Endoscopic Surgery and New Technologies, “involves approximately 300,000 hospitalizations per year in the United States, with 1.5 million days of hospital treatment. In fact, this disease is the third gastrointestinal disease most common requiring hospitalization and the primary indication for elective colon resection. ” Diverticulosis of the colon it is reported more in western countries and it mainly affects elderly subjects and is equally distributed in both sexes. The incidence increases with age, starting from 10% of cases under the age of 40, up to 25% at 60 years up to 50% in subjects over 80 years of age.

The risk of relapse

“The unfavorable clinical evolution of diverticulosis – explains Sice – occurs when inflammation develops inside the diverticula. The clinical picture is generically called diverticulitis and therefore expresses the presence of uncomplicated diverticular disease. form occurs in 10 to 25% of cases of diverticulosis and after the first episode it may reappear, despite therapy, in 25% within the first 5 years. This occurrence, which takes the name of relapse, varies from 7 to 42%. The risk of further recurrence after the first hospitalization is 3%. At least 50% of such relapses occur within the first year and 90% within 5 years. The complications described were reported overall in 5% of subjects with diverticulosis followed by 10 at 30 years old. In the UK, the incidence of perforation is 4 in 100,000 people, amounting to approximately 2,000 cases per year “.

When surgery is urgent

Diverticular disease can be complicated in several forms and involve urgent surgery. “Among the manifestations – explains Sice – there is intestinal obstruction in the presence of a narrowing of the intestinal lumen (stenosis) induced by the inflammation present in the diverticula and in the surrounding intestinal lumen”.

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