Sony was not the only company interested in the acquisition –

Sony was not the only company interested in the acquisition –
Sony was not the only company interested in the acquisition –

Housemarque was recently acquired from Sony, but in a new interview it emerged that they were also there other companies interested in carrying out the transaction, as reported by Ilari Kuittisen, the firm’s CEO.

In an article in Finnish, therefore obviously subject to any translation errors, by, the CEO and co-founder of Housemarque, Ilari Kuittinen, explains how the talented Returnal team was also approached by other entities for a possible bulk acquisition of the studio, which however did not exceed the attractiveness of Sony, apparently.

The developer obviously doesn’t mention names, so it’s hard to tell who he is, but he does mention the “usual suspects” regarding the takeover candidates, coming from China, Sweden and the USA. This allows some assumptions to be made about the identity of the would-be buyers.

As for China, we can play it safe enough thinking that it could be Tencent, given the continuous expansion of the company on the videogame market and also in the West, as seen recently.

Speaking of Sweden, the suspects are very few, practically one: Embracer Group, which is continuing to acquire teams to increase its production portfolio, which has now reached truly impressive dimensions.

Much more difficult to think about who the buyers from the US could be: although many point the finger towards Microsoft, it is quite unlikely that it could be the Redmond house, given that there have practically been no collaborations between the two companies beyond a couple of minor games several years ago and there have never been any approaching maneuvers between them. Most likely it was Epic Games, but it is still only guesswork.

In any case, “Housemarque is perfect for PlayStation”, said Hermen Hulst of Sony Worldwide Studios, pleased to have completed the purchase of the team announced in recent days.

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