The posters in France to convince young people to get vaccinated: «Adverse reactions? There are also desirable effects … »- The photos

Young people are the target of the campaign launched by the French Ministry of Health to convince as many young people as possible to get vaccinated. “Yes, the vaccine can have desirable effects: let’s get vaccinated!” is the message that appears under photographs of kisses exchanged, cocktails raised in the disco and sunbathing on the beach. Posted in the street on large billboards, but also circulated on social networks, the posters aim to avert, through the immunization of the majority of the population, a new wave of Coronavirus after summer holidays. “Desirable effects” is the term chosen by the campaign’s communication agency to evoke a summer of kisses and parties, as long as the population protects itself in advance with biological drugs. But “desirable effects”, explained the agency’s art director, is also a way to create a lexical contrast with the expression “adverse effects”. It is precisely the rare reactions that arise after the inoculation of the dose that play a deterrent role for the French vaccination campaign, which has not taken off so far. 50.6% of the citizens from beyond the Alps have received a dose, while only 34.5% are fully vaccinated.

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