Women found dead in the corn field, the laborer driving the threshing machine identified and heard by the carabinieri

It can help you understand what happened and how. The carabinieri was identified and heard on laborer that he would have hit, with an agricultural vehicle, the two women who were found dead yesterday in a corn field after one of them, on Friday morning, had sounded the alarm of the investment, explaining that her friend was already dead and she was injured. At the same time, the heavy vehicle in question was also seized. It will be subjected to analysis and investigations.

Late on Saturday evening they finished inspections by the medical examiner appointed by the Prosecutor of Lodi and the prosecutor on duty in the field in San Giuliano Milanese on the border with Locate di Triulzi. An autopsy on the two corpses is ordered by the Lodi prosecutor’s office. From a first visual examination of the bodies, according to the investigators, the fatal wounds would be compatible with an investment from a heavy vehicle. “We investigate to try to clarify the contours of the story and to identify the person responsible, we will also work – said the public prosecutor of Lodi, Domenico Chiaro – to try to understand why these two women were there”. One of the two foreigners had a clean record, the other had a police history for robbery. The call was made on Friday around 11.30. Then the darkness. The military immediately began the search which was very difficult. Thus it was discovered by the families that the North Africans had disappeared and that, however, a complaint had not yet been filed. The Prosecutor of Lodi had immediately feared their lives. Controls were intensified until the tragic discovery of the bodies in the evening.

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Women dead corn field laborer driving threshing machine identified heard carabinieri

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