How much does an influencer earn on social networks: check the first price list

How much does an influencer earn on social networks: check the first price list
How much does an influencer earn on social networks: check the first price list

DeRev, a digital communication and strategy company, has drawn up a price list of influencers for what concern Italian market. Through a useful tool not only for those who want to try their hand at what is now a profession in all respects, but also for companies that invest, through influencers, in visibility, DeRev paints a picture that restores the complexity of the ecosystem social. First of all, it is useful to distinguish content creators from VIPs. And it is necessary to focus not only on the content production platform, but also on some indicators, which concern, for example, the number of followers, the level of engagement and the conversion rate.

How much does an influencer make on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram

It turns out that a post on Facebook is generally priced less than a content uploaded to Instagram and TikTok, which instead proceed in pairs despite being different in terms of target and type of offer. A small influencer earns, on Facebook, among the 50 to 250 euros per post. Much less than what a youtuber can boast. The gap depends on the difficulty of creating a following and, again, on the type of use. Yes, because on Zuckerberg’s social network, but also on Instagram and TikTok, the assimilation of contents is more superficial, rapid and distracted, while YouTube videos are generally more attention.

Influencers and social networks, on which platform you earn the most

A Mega Influencer, who represents the highest step in the DeRev ranking, can hope to earn too 5mila euro a post. But on YouTube, a content can also be valid 25 thousand euros, while on Instagram and TikTok the price is around 15mil. The superstars of social networks go well above the earnings indicated so far, but these are still exceptional cases and numerically not comparable to a plethora of medium-sized content with perhaps small but very loyal niches of public.

Another element to take into consideration is that it is not a simple job: net of the revenues, which can sometimes seem stratospheric, creating a product that works on social networks requires creativity, work, and an almost totalizing commitment for the benefit of one’s own. followers.

Among those who grind numbers on TikTok (and on Instagram she surpassed, in terms of number of followers, the “queen” of social media Chiara Ferragni) there is the now famous Italian-Senegalese influencer Khaby Lame: this is how much he earns. Meanwhile, social networks aim to become more and more comprehensive: here a Facebook function that could change everything.

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