Giannichedda comments Italy-Belgium: “Excellent match, super Insigne”

On the occasion of the European Football Championships, Giuliano Giannichedda closely follows, for the site of the Corriere dello Sport, the whole continental event commenting on the main ideas of the tournament: from the matches of Italy to the protagonists of Euro2020. Giannichedda, a former midfielder also of Lazio and Juventus and current manager of the Serie D team, will offer his point of view for the duration of the competition, a technical commentary as a professional coach, on everything that will happen to the European Championship.

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Italy in the semifinals! Barella and Insigne show: Belgium ko

Italy, what a first time!

Belgium also had to suffer the law of Italy that runs, plays and has fun. Excellent match of Italy especially in the first half, perhaps the most beautiful of the Azzurri since 2006: high pressing, fast ball and, as we said in the pre-match, with our left wing (Insigne-Spinazzola) raging. There group strength means that in every game we have players who exalt themselves. You see Donnarumma su De Bruyne and Stretcher that slalom in the opponent’s area and beat Courtois.

Italy, what a party on the plane

Mancini’s words after Belgium-Italy

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Belgium 1-2 Italy, the best dress in Monaco

Insigne the best, super Chiellini

Of Insigne (player of the match) e Spinazzola we have already spoken. To mention the return of Chiellini who with his strength and his charisma has also given us security in front of the screens. Now there is semifinal against Spain, excellent team and with an excellent coach, but I have the impression that they are the ones who have to worry about us and not vice versa. Forza Azzurri.

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Belgium-Italy 1-2, Lorenzo Insigne the best in the field

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Belgium-Italy 1-2, Lorenzo Insigne the best in the field


Giannichedda comments ItalyBelgium Excellent match super Insigne

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