the wait rises, that’s how you apply

the wait rises, that’s how you apply
the wait rises, that’s how you apply

Here we are: it is now the countdown for the departure of the 2021 TV bonus. After the signing of the Mef and the Mise of the implementing decree, within 15 days there will be publication in the Official Gazette which will make the bonus operational. The facility is designed to allow families to replace the old TV with a new one compatible with the new standard of digital terrestrial active from 2022. The incentive is up to 100 euros.

TV bonus: incentive up to 100 euros?

The TV bonus included in the Sostegni bis decree by the Draghi government provides an incentive of up to 100 euros on the purchase of latest generation televisions that support the transition to new digital technology starting from 1 September 2021 and which will cover the entire national territory by June 2022. Currently the contributions for the TV bonus amount to 100 million euros with the possibility of increasing resources in the coming months. By next summer, old television sets no longer suitable for the new digital terrestrial television standard (Dvb-T 2 with Hevc main 10 encoding) will have to be disposed of. We underline that already from September the MPEG2 coding will be gradually abandoned, replaced by the MPEG4 one, so there will be a re-tuning of the channels.

The transition will begin as early as 1 September (in areas 1 and 3, i.e. Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, Lombardy, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna) with the change of the Mpeg-4 audio-video coding technology. In practice, those who do not have a TV that receives high definition will no longer be able to see digital TV channels. However, there is a strong request from the sector, in particular Confindustria Radio TV, which represents television operators such as Mediaset, to postpone this first date of passage at least to the end of October.

The joint implementation decree of Mise and Mef (a practice that has been dragging on since February 2021) is highly anticipated: in a nutshell, you can receive a bonus of up to 100 euros for scrapping old television sets. By deciding, for example, to buy a 500 euro TV, the user who will benefit from the TV Bonus will pay 400 euro. No form to fill out, no online procedure to be carried out, unless otherwise indicated it would seem that to get the discount it will be enough to request it from the seller. It is not clear for whom the discount will be 100 euros and 50 for whom. It could be higher with Isee under 20 thousand euros, lower for all the others.

To access it, however, it will not be necessary to have an Isee below a certain threshold: it is for everyone – even if the figures will only be known in a few days – this bonus, the only limit is that it is required for a maximum TV per family. Until now, the TV bonus was only granted with the presentation of the ISEE.

How to apply for the tv bonus

How to get the tv bonus? If before it was sufficient to present a specific self-certification to the television retailer in which you declared that you had the requirements (Isee roof under 20mile) to be able to buy a decoder or a DVB-T2 TV of any size, now the passage should be more simple, subject to the constraint of being able to take advantage of only one bonus per household. We therefore await the decree. There is also expected curiosity about the publication of how to access this particular bonus. Today with the bonus you can buy televisions that support the new DVB-T2 standard. You can also use the bonus to purchase decoders capable of receiving broadcasts with the new standard. There are some specific requirements to be able to obtain it:

  • – residence in Italy,
  • – payment of the Rai license fee in good standing,
  • – the scrapping of a television.

The latter requirement means the scrapping of a device purchased before December 2018 and not compatible with the new transmission standards.

The bonus, which will soon be available regardless of the ISEE, will also be valid in the case of online purchases. The implementing decree is expected in the coming weeks, thanks to which more information will be disclosed in this regard. The scrapping should be possible when purchasing the new TV, delivering the old one to the retailer, who at that point will grant a 20% discount (up to a maximum of 100 euros), the retailer will then dispose of it and redeem it for him. turn the tax credit (equal to the discount granted) by offsetting.

“Furbetti” warned. Regardless of the type of scrapping, the data relating to the purchaser will be entered on an electronic platform to ascertain the existence of the requisites (especially Italian residence and Rai fee in order) by the Tax Authority.

For some years now the TVs on the market have supported the DVB-T2 standard: to understand if your television or the decoder you have at home are adequate to the new standards, just check the information sheet on the manufacturer’s website, by entering the product serial number. . If the devices need to be changed, then it is advisable to consult this list published on the Mise website, where there are all the televisions and decoders that can be purchased with the public contribution. If you bought the TV after 2017, there should be no problems whatsoever. Participation in the initiative by the merchant is voluntary, so it is necessary to find a participating shop.

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