Uruguay-Colombia 2-4 (dcr), the report cards: Zapata and Ospina super, Cavani is not enough

Uruguay-Colombia 2-4 (dcr), the report cards: Zapata and Ospina super, Cavani is not enough
Uruguay-Colombia 2-4 (dcr), the report cards: Zapata and Ospina super, Cavani is not enough

Uruguay-Colombia 0-0 (2-4 d.c.r)


muslera 6 – Save twice to Zapata with instinctive but very effective interventions. In the final series of penalties, however, he fails to make a difference.

Nández 6 – Makes his presence felt when it comes to pushing on the band. In defensive terms he has his work cut out for containing an inspired Diaz.

Gimenez 5.5 – It grants something to the mighty Zapata but not complex not demerita. However, the error from the spot in the final series weighs heavily.

Godin 5,5 – It takes all his experience but makes some mistakes especially at the beginning of the game. Confidence improves as the minutes pass.

Vineyard 5 – Like his counterpart on the opposite lane, he is often busy controlling his opponent in the wing, in this case Borré, managing only sporadically to accompany the offensive action. The decisive penalty is his but many of the merits go to Ospina.

Valverde 6 – He is the author of some interesting ideas at the service of his comrades in the advanced department, but his plays lack adequate finalization. From 35 ‘st: Caceres sv – Tabarez sends him out to add muscle and freshness, but has little time to score.

Bentancur 5.5 – The attitude of a fighter in the midfield of the Celeste, with mixed results. Sometimes he risks something by exceeding with impetuousness in the contrasts.

Neighbor 5.5 – Try to “reason” the Uruguayan maneuver which at times risks being too fragmented. The noteworthy plays, however, are few.

From Arrascaeta 6 – He works hard to refine the actions triggered by his companions, managing to give more effectiveness to the Celeste’s offensive game. However, the decisive twist is missing. From 23 ‘st: Torres 6 – He enters the game well but also in his case there is no concreteness in front of goal.

Cavani 6.5 – Generous performance in the service of the team, acts as a reference point in attack and falls back in defense whenever Uruguay finds itself having to contain the counterattacks of Colombia. Leader.

Suarez 5 – Little in evidence throughout the first half, in the second half he has a few more opportunities to make his mark but continues to be rather smoky.


Ospina 7.5 – Uruguay builds very few noteworthy chances and, with the exception of a smanacciata on a shot by Nandez, they are always on the spot. He takes the stage in the penalties by saving two shots, the second of which is anything but simple.

Muñoz 6 – Faced with two strikers of the caliber of Cavani and Suarez he decides to risk as little as possible and to defend simple. Choice pays off.

Mina 7 – Great defense authority and excellent timing, he uses his centimeters to control all the high balls. Flawlessly transforms a very heavy penalty.

Sánchez 6 – Less in evidence than his teammate in the department, he still holds his position well, conceding little to the fearsome opponents.

Tesillo 6 – Better in pushing than in covering, sometimes Nandez manages to put him on the spot.

I deleted 6.5 – Game characterized by ups and downs. When it comes on though, it’s one of Colombia’s best features. From 42 ‘st: Borja All – Rueda sends him on the field on purpose for the series of penalties and it’s up to him to transform what is worth the semifinal.

Barrios 5,5– Take on opponents without too many compliments to recover balls in midfield, however he is not among those who leave their mark on the game.

Cuéllar 6– It takes muscle and breath. He makes density in midfield to avoid giving his opponents, in particular De Arrascaeta, the spaces to try the game.

Diaz 7 – One of the most active in Colombian formation, he constantly worries the scorers throughout the first half. He spends a lot and is less strenuous in the second half.

Muriel 6 – He tries to always be involved in the action but lacks a bit of precision in the net conclusions, which for him should be the daily bread. He limps out, probably from a blow. From 22 ‘st: Chara 6 – Enter with the right attitude and contribute with his speed to the final assaults of Colombia.

Zapata 7 – He touches the goal twice but finds a very reactive Muslera on his way. However, it is the beacon of the Colombian attack, quick in its movements and physically relentless.

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