clear roles, there is no diarchia-

clear roles, there is no diarchia-
clear roles, there is no diarchia-

The mistrust of the first hours seems to have dissolved. Giuseppe Conte he wants to believe in the will of the big names to find an agreement at all costs that avert the schism of the M5S and is confident in the mission of the seven wise men. Yet, like days ago Beppe Grillo said I’m the guarantor but I’m not a jerk, so the former prime minister makes it known that he will not be humiliated. The founder has put the lit match back in his hands and if Conte turns it off and takes off, he will have to shoulder the burden of the breakup: a choice that would make plan B of a new party even more fragile, starting from the numbers in Parliament.

And so Giuseppe Conte just has to rely on the salvation committee, hoping not to get out of it as a halved leader. the first condition, the most important.

The former head of the government will accept some tweaks to its statute, provided that the overall system is not upset and that the fixed points remain firmly established. Something the aspiring political leader will have to concede to Beppe Grillo (and vice versa), but neither of them wants to lose face. And then, on the strength of the consensus he believes he has among Italians, as well as in the M5S, Conte will not offer anything that might seem a step backwards.

The diarchy does not exist – the notice delivered by Conte to mariners and bridges -. The roles must be clear and defined, without any ambiguity. In short, Grillo is satisfied with the role of guarantor, be a noble father and not a master father and renounce the pretense of trespassing into the field of the future leader on duty.

On the merits: the political leader decides the line on the domestic and international level, from support to governments up to electoral and parliamentary alliances (read Quirinale) and his deputies, the team and even the communicators are chosen. Easy to say, much less to get after the lapidary judgments that the comedian launched against Conte, after having predestined him to lead the M5S.

On the front there is satisfaction, but there are also many cumbersome doubts and suspicions. The scenario that most alarms those who hoped for the birth of the new party is this: the bigwigs of the M5S respond to the motion of the original affections and gather around Grillo, forcing Conte to accept that role of figurehead or house painter of the common house that the professor had. disdainfully refused.

To upset the lawyer’s weekend the nightmare of the halved leader, cornered to prevent him from giving life to his new creature. But forced to trust, in the first place Di Maio. Dualism and mutual distrust have divided them for three years and the mediation as an absolute protagonist of the Foreign Minister has politically strengthened the former political leader. But in Conte’s entourage they ensure that the relationship between the two has improved much and the lawyer feels he doesn’t have to watch his back, at least not from Luigi. A deputy close to Di Maio puts it this way: He could have stabbed him and he didn’t, he was loyal, even if Conte’s party never existed. In this war of power, nerves and poisons also enter the polls, that 10 percent beyond which (without the M5S) the lawyer struggles to take off and that dramatic 5 percent to which Grillo would risk falling, if the split was not averted.

Numbers that alone explain the iron will with which the seven wise men set to work, to find an agreement in 72 hours from which no one, between Grillo and Conte, comes out humiliated and offended.

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