Confcommercio: positive start for the sales, + 30% on 2020 and 100 euro average receipts

From the first results of the Confcommercio Milan streets association network, it emerges that the Milanese summer sales have got off to a good start with + 30% compared to last year. “A comforting start, in some cases effervescent with small queues outside the shops – says Gabriel Meghnagi, president of the associative network streets of Confcommercio Milano – Fortunately this year’s summer sales are not comparable to the 2020 ones under the influence of tiring restart post-lockdown and moreover departed in decidedly late. Already in June just closed we recorded an increase of 15% compared to June 2020 “.

With the advent of the white zone, the climate of confidence has grown and optimism among consumers grows, even if one resents the absence of tourists, “But these summer sales – says Meghnagi – should have started earlier and in a day off. Not a Saturday in July when, just for the weekend, many are at the seaside or in the mountains ”.

For Confcommercio, the average receipt today stands at 100 euros, but with purchases in multiple points of sale the total expenditure reaches 250 euros. “95% of payments – Meghnagi points out – are made with electronic money”. The average discount percentage starts from 30%. Best-selling products on this first day of sales in Milan: women’s clothing (in particular knitwear, dresses, costumes) and women’s footwear, then men’s (especially trousers, polo shirts, summer shirts) and children. The biggest discounts are recorded on spring garments.

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