Ddl Zan without a majority: now he risks shipwreck

Ddl Zan without a majority: now he risks shipwreck
Ddl Zan without a majority: now he risks shipwreck

The Zan bill, the law that aims to fight homophobia, approved last year by the House and bogged down in the Senate for months, is in danger of sinking. The move by Italia viva to delete the reference to gender identity from the text has displaced the ranks of the majority that the measure had voted in Montecitorio. The idea is to go back to the Scalfarotto text where only homophobia and transphobia were spoken of. The text had been given the go-ahead by the Montecitorio classroom on November 4, 2020, during the Conte II government. The placet had arrived thanks to the support of the Giallorossi: M5s, Pd, Italia Viva and Leu. The green light had gone on with 265 in favor, 193 against and one abstention. The final vote was held by secret ballot, at the request of the Brothers of Italy. In the Senate, the road appeared impervious immediately: after months of postponements, the calendar presented by the president of the commission Andrea Ostellari (Lega), who is also the rapporteur of the provision, provides for 170 hearings.

Fico: “We will soon arrive at a shared result”

But to shield the law is the President of the Chamber. “The hope is to soon reach a shared result, protecting those who are victims of discrimination”.


The changes requested by Italia viva

The changes requested by Italia viva concern three articles of the text – 1, 4 and 7 – which are then the same hated by Lega and Forza Italia. The changes presented by the group leader in the Senate Davide Faraone and by the group leader in the Justice Commission Giuseppe Cucca cancel article 4, arguing that “freedom of thought and expression are already protected by our Constitution and therefore cannot be degraded by ordinary law”. “Respect for school autonomy” is added to article 7, which establishes the Day against homotransphobia and initiatives in schools.

The bill without a majority: the 17 votes of Iv are decisive

The problem is that the votes of the 17 senators of Italia Viva are decisive for the approval of the bill. Which is now without a majority. “We cannot end up like Hungary and Poland. Approving a law like this one means placing Italy among the most advanced countries, not approving it means giving it to Salvini who flirts, like Meloni, with Orban and Duda and with those countries that are making homophobic and sexist laws and are reducing the freedom, ”said Senator Zan. “The parties will take responsibility for voting for it or not.”

The Zan-Faraone question and answer

The answer to Italia viva came with a tweet from the first signatory and promoter of the law, the deputy Alessanro Zan: «Gender identity is already present in our legal system, protected by constitutional judgments and international treaties as a fundamental right of the person. Removing it would mean making the Zan Bill a discriminatory rule. The demand for Italia viva is unsustainable ». Close to Faraone’s reply: “The amendment we presented to the Zan bill is totally copied from the bill presented on July 4, 2018. First signatory Ivan Scalfarotto and at the bottom, among others, your signature, penultimate only because your surname begins with a Z. Accuse us of plagiarism, nothing else. ” The deputy of Iv Luciano Nobili wrote on facebook: “We extend the rights and renounce the flags.”


Ddl Zan majority risks shipwreck

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