Forlanini Committee – Former School of Via Zama: You can stop the deterioration!

The former school in via Zama is now very dangerous for all citizens of the Forlanini district and particularly for the residents of Via Berlese and Via Norico. The MUNICIPALITY OF MILAN is asked for an urgent intervention to CLEAR IT, SANITIZE IT, SEAL IT, ENTRANCE AND PRESIDIATE IT with the Local Police until a new destination of use is decided.

The Forlanini Committee in agreement with the citizens of the District, taking into account that what has been reported to the institutions over the years has not given any positive results and given the worsening of the health and safety situation of citizens, with dubious characters coming from the former school that harass minors and women who pass through that area

has decided to promote VARIOUS PROTEST EVENTS against the existing state of inertia that is no longer tolerable and to sensitize the Municipality of Milan to adopt the measures highlighted above to protect the personal safety, property and health of citizens.

The FIRST EVENT is scheduled for THURSDAY 8 JULY AT 18.00 with the grouping of participants in front of the shops of Piazza Ovidio to continue in procession towards the streets Mecenate, Maderna and Salomone and reach the EX SCHOOL of Via Zama where a discussion will develop between the participants to decide the further EVENTS TO BE IMPLEMENTED UNTIL THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED.

  • We invite citizens to participate to demonstrate their dissent
  • We invite all political forces of the MUNICIPALITY 4 to support the initiative towards the Municipality
  • We ask the Mayor of Milan or his representative to participate in the meeting in front of the former school in Via Zama and communicate to citizens that what the MUNICIPALITY intends to do.

The Forlanini District Committee

Committee for the safety of residents and liveability of the Forlanini district

(Forlanini district, Monlué, via A. Regolo, Via Norico, Via Mecenate and connected streets)

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