From the Renzians the tombstone on the Zan ddl. Thus the pillar of the left will never see the light – Time

From the Renzians the tombstone on the Zan ddl. Thus the pillar of the left will never see the light – Time
From the Renzians the tombstone on the Zan ddl. Thus the pillar of the left will never see the light – Time

Italia Viva and the proposed amendments to the Zan bill are a very hard blow for the left. There are four proposals developed by IV and which aim to return to the Scalfarotto bill. The first is the deletion of article 1. Therefore “bring the Zan bill (AC 107) back to the definition contained in Scalfarotto (AC 868), or by adding the words ‘or based on homophobia or transphobia’, in addition to the issue of disability , and consequently revising the articles “. Furthermore, delete article 4 and modify article 7, after the words ‘respecting’ by inserting ‘full scholastic autonomy’. The proposals were presented by the president of the IV senators, Davide Faraone, and the group leader in the Justice committee, Giuseppe Cucca. On the suppression of article 4, the Renzians explain: “Freedom of thought and expression are already protected by our constitution, it cannot be degraded into an ordinary law”.

The reaction of the Democratic Party came through the mouth of Senator Monica Cirinnà: “The proposed amendments to the Zan bill formulated by Italia viva leave me dumbfounded. After having approved the text in the Chamber, they are now asking for changes on the same points on which there was was negotiation and they had given their consent. Renzi and Faraone, thus, throw off their masks and in one fell swoop delegitimize their minister Elena Bonetti, the deputies and deputies of IV and Lucia Annibali herself, first signatory of the amendment that introduced the ‘Article 1, which today Iv would like to suppress. At the same time – highlights the secretary of the Senate Justice Commission – they are abandoning the LGBT + movement, and in particular trans people, excluding the protection of gender identity. formula ‘homophobia and transphobia’, judged by all to be in contrast with the principle of mandatory penal law. Finally, they reiterate completely unnecessarily, perhaps only for s draw the eye to a part of the world of Catholic schools to safeguard school autonomy, already fully protected by the Zan bill “.

Instead, the League rejoices, through Massimiliano Romeo, leader of the Carroccio in the Senate: “I think at this point there is a parliamentary majority that wants to change the Zan bill”. At this point, the Zan bill risks getting bogged down definitively after approval by the House. It will be necessary to understand how long it will take to reach an agreement on the new definition of the text – and it is not certain that a compromise will be reached unless the Democratic Party takes a step back – and then it will be necessary to reach approval in the Senate. Obviously, with the text modified in the Senate, he will then have to return to the House to continue the approval process. Will it be able to see the light before the end of the current legislature? Difficult, if not impossible. Especially by virtue of the times that the bill has had in recent months.

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Renzians tombstone Zan ddl pillar left light Time

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