kept 110 huskies without food, water and in cramped cages

kept 110 huskies without food, water and in cramped cages
kept 110 huskies without food, water and in cramped cages

They mistreated and kept in conditions of neglect 110 Husky specimens. The Ponzano Romano carabinieri have discovered a abusive breeding of dogs in a fortified cottage in the countryside. It had been identified as a possible illegal breeding also because of the continue moans of the animals that could be heard all over the neighborhood.

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In the past, a complaint from an association for the environmental and animal protection of Rome had been presented which reported possible mistreatment. The carabinieri therefore ascertained the merits of the complaint. They have been found outside the villa 16 fences with inside 82 husky. The spaces were very small compared to the number of animals present, with the further aggravating factor that they were free of water current, an intolerable situation also given the scorching temperatures of the period. It was later found that the animals they had not received food for a long time and then left in a state of abandonment in cramped and crumbling cages.

To visit the villa, in search of other abandoned animals, the carabinieri had to wait for a search decree. The occupants, in fact, did not allow access to the agents. The oppositions fell upon the arrival of the decree which brought the military to a sad surprise. Inside was a dead dog, for days now, which no one had removed. A further confirmation to the inhumanity in which these animals were forced to live. Inside the house, another 29 specimens were found kept in cramped cages, including excrement, lack of water and food.

The entire property was placed underneath seizure and the 110 specimens were placed in custody. The owner of the illegal structure was reported per mistreatment of animals and keeping animals in conditions incompatible with their nature.

The carcass of the most unfortunate dog was transferred to the zooprophylaxis institute to ascertain actual causes which led to death, also to prevent any spread of serious diseases among rescued dogs.

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