Elections, with Sala the Milano Unita list of Limonta and Lattuada

Elections, with Sala the Milano Unita list of Limonta and Lattuada
Elections, with Sala the Milano Unita list of Limonta and Lattuada

Elections, with Sala the Milano Unita list of Limonta and Lattuada

This morning at the CIQ in Milan, in the presence of the mayor, the press conference for the presentation of the candidates of Milano Unita, civic, ecological and leftist list, in support of Beppe Sala which gathers citizens and citizens from parties and associations such as Sinistra Italiana, SinistraXMilano, Comitati X Milano, èViva !, as well as from civic, associative and social realities that have chosen to get involved by sharing their skills and experiences in this new path.

The list, nine women and nine men, among which the names of the Councilor for School Construction and elementary teacher, Paolo Limonta, and of the former Regional Secretary of the CGIL, Elena Lattuada, stand out, but the ideas are clear. and strong.

“We are in the center-left coalition, we support Beppe Sala’s candidacy, but with our opinions, our political sensitivities, our priorities, which we want to take into account”, he says Elena Lattuada.

“The pandemic has returned a metropolis increasingly divided between rich and poor: unemployment, precarious work without rights, difficulties in accessing homes and care, educational poverty, in addition to poor air quality, are issues on which it will be necessary to focus in years to come, ”he adds Paolo Limonta. The candidates and candidates are representative of the worlds and realities to which Milano Unita wants to address. Among them are: teachers, educators, trade unionists, retirees, freelancers, activists for civil rights, for the environment for the right to work and housing, male and female workers, researchers, employees and a writer.

It was also an opportunity to relaunch the contents of the Milano Unita Manifesto, which proposes a more inclusive and accessible, green and sustainable city, and promotes policies for the redistribution of wealth and the fight against inequalities.

Principles that materialize in the first proposals relaunched today at the press conference:

HOUSES OF HEALTH: create public facilities accessible 24 hours a day where general practitioners, emergency medical services, specialists, nurses, psychologists, social workers work in groups for prevention, primary care, home care, health surveillance of homes for the elderly and disabled. To underline the strategic role of the Municipality in health matters, we want to establish a HEALTH DEPARTMENT.

POLICIES FOR THE RIGHT TO HOUSE: in addition to the extension of the block on evictions, extraordinary measures are needed in favor of families who risk being left homeless. We also need a national house plan for public construction, redevelopment and urban regeneration with investments for the maintenance and energy redevelopment of the building stock, it is necessary to recover the unused properties (tax penalties for vacant assets) and to calm down the rent.

STOP CEMENTIFICATION AND SPECULATION: insert in the PGT the principle of zero land consumption, safeguard and enhance the existing greenery. We believe that the project for the new Meazza stadium should be abandoned for a plan that truly responds to the public interest.

GOOD WORK CARD. “Our city must strive to offer good job opportunities, using public resources well and orienting private ones in line with the city’s development axes – explains Elena Lattuada – In this regard, Milano Unita asks that the Municipality adopt a” Charter of good work “, to facilitate companies that, in addition to not presenting criminal pending, guarantee stable work, adequately paid, in line with national bargaining and safety legislation”.

CULTURAL EVENTS IN THE TERRITORIES: it is necessary that alongside the great occasions (* week, * city), which have brought the general public closer to culture, events are organized in all neighborhoods, building a cultural vision in the territories where social and economic inequalities are increasing.

FIGHT AGAINST EDUCATIONAL POVERTY: linked to economic poverty, it affects a child’s life, his present and his future. “The new Administration will have to put education at the center of its policy – asks Paolo Limonta – Act against child poverty and early school leaving, through the renewal of schools and educational-training and recreational services by increasing the free of charge services as much as possible municipal “.

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