Galli too yields: “How will next autumn be”

Galli too yields: “How will next autumn be”
Galli too yields: “How will next autumn be”

Also Massimo Galli, director of infectious diseases at the Luigi Sacco hospital in Milan, seems to have become optimistic in view of next autumn. The professor, from the pages of Fatto Quotidiano, asserted with certainty: “Of course we will not have the same situation as a year ago, when the second wave turned out to be so dramatic as to condition our lives for the following months”. Great merit is certainly due to the vaccination campaign even if, now it is the Delta variant, also known as Kappa or Indian, to create some concern. In particular, it is its diffusion capacity, far superior to previous variants, that does not make those who have not yet received the vaccine sleep peacefully.

According to the professor, the important thing now would be to speed up the inoculations and administer the second doses quickly, in order to remove the risk of contagion. Taking into account that, among those who have finished the whole vaccination cycle and still contract Covid, the infection rarely leads to serious cases. The risk is that even in Italy the Delta variant could spread and, as pointed out by Galli, the game is not yet over.

The final of the European football championships

Speaking of matches and running with his mind to the European football championships, the professor wanted to specify that he would move the final, precisely because “There is no need to import another virus. I believe that heavy economic interests weigh on UEFA’s decisions, understandable, but not to justify the risk to public health. The transfer of the fans from one country to another today it would be precisely to be avoided “. In Japan it seems that they understood the trend before us, and in fact it seems that the next Olympics, on the decision of the International Olympic Committee, will be the first without an audience. Considering also the fact that in Japan there are not many vaccinations done and the idea of ​​landings of fans and professionals from all over the world is not very popular. Empty stadiums therefore, after the Olympics had already been postponed for a year.

As regards the summer holidays of the Italians Galli doubts “That people can still be held back, let’s say that much. We must give precise indications on how to avoid the most dangerous situations ”. According to the professor, reopening the discos would also be right, as long as there are precise rules and they are respected, even through serious checks. “It is clear that there must be an unpleasant reward mechanism in itself that allows those who are vaccinated or have a negative swab to access the club, while others do not … For the stadiums, with the resumption of the championships at the end of August, the same system of rules must apply. Ditto for concerts, etc. ”.

Galli: “Finding those who have not developed antibody responses”

In truth, there is another aspect to worry Galli, namely the need to have more tools to identify those who have not responded to vaccines, “Who has not developed a significant antibody response. I am referring to many elderly and sick, immunosuppressed, for whom the vaccine is not effective. I believe that there are not very few, we should verify it, maybe put them in a position to verify it without making them pay and develop a strategy accordingly. Now there is no particular plan defined on this, but if the Delta variant spreads it is also among these people, apart from the unvaccinated, that there will be the greatest number of hospitalizations for serious illnesses and deaths ”. And Galli does not refer only to those who have received only one inoculation of serum and have yet to have the second dose, but precisely to those who have not had a significant response after the first administration, and who in all likelihood will not even have it with the recall.

Galli, who spoke at the Agorà broadcast on Rai 3, also spoke of another possible one lockdown explaining that, “apart from some unfortunate local situation in which it will be necessary to stop the outbreaks, at the national level I frankly believe not. If we manage to be respectful of some not exactly suffocating rule between now and autumn, the vaccination campaign puts us in a position to withstand the impact of the Delta variant that rightly worries “.

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