In spite of unemployment: McDonald’s can’t find staff

In spite of unemployment: McDonald’s can’t find staff
In spite of unemployment: McDonald’s can’t find staff

Unbelievable: McDonald’s has great difficulty in finding staff to place in its new restaurant in Vimodrone.

McDonald’s struggles to find new employees. What about unemployment?

Even before the health emergency it was hard to find young people who wanted to join the team. Now (always incredible) Covid has further worsened the situation, despite the pandemic having brought with it heavy repercussions on general employment levels. Yet, with a McDonald’s licensee opening its new store by the end of July, there is no way to find suitable men and women. What’s happening?

What’s happening?

On the one hand there are the die-hard prejudices, which want to make the Mc like the “ugly and bad American giant”. On the other, false myths. Employees enter with part-time contracts of 18-20 hours, which can progressively increase along with the professional growth of the new recruits for which positions as crew and director could then be opened. Not to mention that you are entitled to the thirteenth and fourteenth. Then? Certainly the classic “laziness” also influences, taking into account that in a fast food restaurant it is necessary to work on weekends (not all) and in the evening hours.

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