how it works and the 3 requirements –

how it works and the 3 requirements –
how it works and the 3 requirements –

The bonus for everyone.

Unlike the50 euro incentive for the purchase of a new television or decoder, reserved only for those who have a Isee less than 20 thousand euros, it bonus tv provided for by the Sostegni decree it can be worth up to 100 euros e the discount will be available to everyone within a few days.

In the last few hours, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Economic Development have prepared the implementing decree that governs the rules for the disbursement of the bonus: once published in the Official Journal and after 15 days it will therefore be possible to use the discount for the purchase of a new TV.

The replacement of televisions, moreover, is necessary for all devices that are not suitable for the reception of television programs with the new broadcasting standards (DVBT-2 / HEVC), standards that will become operational starting from 2022.

The bonus may not be there for everyone

For this the bonus will be available until December 31, 2022, unless the fund with the allocation of approximately 250 million does not run out sooner.

According to an Auditel-Ipsos analysis in Italian homes there are 9 million TVs that are not compatible with the new technology. Therefore, given that the bonus translates into a 20% discount on the final purchase price including VAT (up to a maximum of 100 euros), the resources of the fund will not be enough for everyone.

The requirements for the bonus

Certain they are instead the three requirements to benefit from the incentive:
– residence in Italy,
– payment of the Rai license fee in good standing,
– the scrapping of a television.

By the latter requirement we mean the scrapping of an appliance purchased before December 2018 and not compatible with the new transmission standards.

How should the scrapping of the TV be done?

To scrap an old TV they are provided two modes. In the first case, the scrapping can be done when purchasing the new TV, delivering the old one to the retailer, who at that point will grant the discount of 20% (up to a maximum of 100 euros), it will then be the same retailer to dispose of it and in turn redeem the tax credit (equal to the discount granted) by offsetting .

The second (more cumbersome) mode provides the possibility of dispose of the old TV directly in an authorized landfill. In this case, a form will certify the delivery of the device, specifying that the owner is up to date with the subscription and that it is a television that does not comply with the new standards. The countersigned form will be necessary, together with the identity document, to request a discount from the retailer on the purchase price of a new appliance.

Regardless of the type of scrapping, the data relating to the purchaser will be entered on an electronic platform to ascertain the existence of the requirements (in addition to scrapping, Italian residence and Rai fee in order) by the Revenue Agency.

possible to apply for a family unit bonus.

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