«Still too many without vaccines. They should be convinced by visiting them at home too »- Corriere.it

«Still too many without vaccines. They should be convinced by visiting them at home too »- Corriere.it
«Still too many without vaccines. They should be convinced by visiting them at home too »- Corriere.it

Minister Mariastella Gelmini, the Delta variant runs: are new measures needed?
“We have to keep our guard up, but for the moment I don’t see any restrictive measures on the horizon,” he says Courier service the owner of Regional Affairs – In Great Britain, where even infections have risen dramatically, hospitalizations and deaths have not increased. But we must not give up even an inch on vaccines: they are resistant to the Delta variant and with two doses they ensure the necessary protection. It is essential to convince the rioters to get vaccinated now to have a peaceful autumn: we cannot afford to relive last year’s nightmare. The day before yesterday we had a day without victims in Lombardy: as a Lombard and as a minister I was moved, but we cannot forget the price in human lives we paid ».

How is the vaccination campaign going, are there enough doses for boosters?
«At the beginning of next week we will reach 20 million immunized Italians (ie completely protected with two doses). Almost 40% of the audience of vaccinators. Now, however, the most difficult phase begins, because with the decline of infections, fear also decreases and unfortunately there are those who think they are waiting still. It is a dramatic mistake that must be avoided: if necessary, by visiting them at home. There are still too many over-60s without protection, even if it must be said that, within this category, the ultra 80s and over 70s are largely covered, otherwise, with the Delta variant, we would be experiencing quite another movie. On the doses, General Figliuolo reassured that we will keep up with the trend of 500 thousand vaccinations a day: there is a small drop in supplies in the month of July, but the substance does not change ».

Vaccines on vacation: Piedmont and Liguria have just entered into a reciprocity pact. What do you think?
“It is a good thing, but in many regions tourists will not be able to vaccinate: in these cases it will be necessary to organize their holidays based on the appointments made to receive the doses. But it is essential to multiply efforts on the 60-70 age group ».

Do you want to launch an appeal to the over 60s?
«The numbers of Great Britain and the data of the Delta variant in Italy are proof that the virus has not disappeared. Even those who are healthy and do not feel in danger must get vaccinated: at stake is the life of their loved ones, of those who cannot access the vaccine, of the immunosuppressed ».

Is herd immunity a possible goal?
“We will respect the schedule and we will have 80% of Italians vaccinated by the end of the summer: for herd immunity the incidence of variants will count and we cannot predict this”.

Maybe if we had an all-Italian vaccine we would reach the finish line first.
“The Italian vaccine dossier is being followed with determination by Minister Giorgetti and next week we will talk about it at the annual Farmindustria assembly”.

Despite the risk of the Delta variant, the final of the European Championships will still be played in London.
“Frankly, I find it incomprehensible that UEFA has been deaf to the calls of the WHO and to the interventions of European leaders such as Draghi and Merkel. We are talking about tens of thousands of people who will find themselves in the European country with the greatest number of infections: obviously I have nothing against Great Britain, but it is a risk that could and should have been avoided ».

Finally, in July, the first 25 billion of the Recovery Fund will arrive …
«The symbolic value of these first resources is fundamental, those projects that can already be built will be financed immediately. And again: I am thinking of the renewal of trains, of the purchase of ecological buses. It will be important to strengthen transport for the recovery of schools. And we are already making a great effort, in all the Ministries, to mend Italy and reduce inequalities, not only between North and South. The advance of 60 million euros for broadband in small islands is an important signal of beware of those who suffer from the isolation caused by insularity. In the same logic we have set up a technical table to arrive at an organic law on the Italian mountains. The Recovery Plan will have to reconnect the whole country ”.

Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni have just signed the manifesto of European sovereignists together with the French leader of the Rassemblement national Marine Le Pen and the Hungarian president Viktor Orban. How does Forza Italia stand?
“Forza Italia is located in the European People’s Party and we will not change our positioning. That manifesto seems to me the son of another era: with the Next Generation Eu, the Union has turned and it seems wrong not to recognize it. That said, Salvini must be acknowledged for supporting, together with President Berlusconi, a strongly pro-European government. This type of documents leave the time they find. What is certain is that foreign policy is not an independent variable: and greater integration of the parties of the Italian center-right can only take place on the basis of the values ​​of Europeanism and the Atlanticism of our charter of values. Which is better than Orban’s ».

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