They were playing on the roof of an old icebox, so two children died in Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo

Two children dead and two injured, fortunately not life threatening. A day of leisure in the mountains has turned into a tragedy a Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo, in the Veronese area, where today two 7-year-old children lost their lives and another two 6 and 7-year-olds were injured. The drama unfolded on a family outing. According to what has been reconstructed so far, the four children were overwhelmed by bricks and stone slabs from the vault of an old disused icebox on which they were playing. The families were having their meal at Malga Preta after a long hike in the Lessini mountains. While the adults were busy preparing the picnic, the group of four children would have moved away, climbing on the roof of the ancient ice house.

What happened to the four children

The icebox is a particular hole dug in the ground, a sort of natural refrigerator that was once filled with snow in winter and used in summer to keep food cool. It is located under the ground and is usually covered with stones, stone slabs or bricks. According to what was reconstructed, the children climbed onto the roof without realizing that the vault of the artifact was unstable. And suddenly the roof gave way, causing the little ones to fall from a height of three meters. Above them a stone wall was created that tore them apart. The dramatic accident occurred at about 1,500 meters above sea level, in a naturalistic area dominated by the profile of the Corno d’Aquilio, in the past an important hub for illegal smuggling and, more recently, an observation point entrenched during the First World War. After the alarm given by family members, relief efforts were triggered, particularly complicated due to the isolation of this part of Lessinia, on the border between the provinces of Trento and Verona.

Initially, the Alpine Rescue, which intervened together with the Fire Brigade and the Carabinieri, understood that the children had fallen into a ravine. Arriving on the spot, the rescuers understood what had happened and attempted the resuscitation maneuvers but the doctors could not help but ascertain the death of two two children. The two injured children, aged 6 and 7, were rescued and transported to the Borgo Trento hospital in conditions deemed not worrying. One suffered from scratches, while a little girl has probable wrist trauma.

City mourning on the day of children’s funerals

“It’s a tragedy, we gather around families”, said Raffaello Campostrino, mayor of Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo. Condolences also from the mayor of Verona, Federico Sboarina: “An immense tragedy and destroyed families. The terrible fate that took the lives of the two children is difficult to accept. At the Corno d’Aquilio on a normal summer afternoon, it was consumed the greatest pain imaginable, the loss of a child. To the parents goes all my closeness, the condolences of the whole city and the availability for every need. On the day of the funeral the city mourning will be announced to witness the participation of our whole community “.


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