Ddl Zan, Fico: “Achieving a shared result to protect those who are victims of discrimination. Rights should not be disputed between factions”

While the obstruction of the center-right continues in the Senate and after that, only yesterday, Italy alive joined the chorus of those who want to modify (and bury) the Zan bill against theomotransphobia, today it was the Speaker of the House who spoke Roberto I am. “It is necessary to intensify the action to combat social prejudices and promote the civil rights of LGBTI people,” he wrote on Instagram. “A contribution in this direction can be provided by the bill, already approved at first reading in the House and now being examined by the Senate, for the fight against homophobia. A provision that intervenes on issues of great importance and sensitivity. And around which there is a great public debate. The hope is to soon arrive at a shared result, protecting those who are victims of discrimination ”.

Fico also spoke of the Pride organized today in Naples and which “filled the city with colors” “exactly twenty-five years after the first national Pride that took place in the city”. “Yesterday as today it is necessary intensify action to combat social prejudices and promote the civil rights of LGBTI people“He said again. “We must in fact take note that despite the progress made in recent years, widespread preconceptions, discrimination and intolerable hatred phenomena persist against LGBTI people”.

The Speaker of the Chamber, without ever entering into the merits of the political debate, however, reiterated the importance of protecting the rights of all. “The rights of the person cannot be the subject of a dispute between opposing factions, as an integral part, by their very nature, of the physiological perimeter of democracy, ”he said. And again: “Denying those rights out of prejudice and intolerance, or in the name of a different moral vision, is something that causes the rule of law, its reasons for justice and civil equality, to waver from its very foundations; above all it humiliates and nullifies the civil struggles that have been painstakingly fought to redeem the individual from abuses and discrimination of every form and nature ”. And, we read again: “We must all feel part of a community whose only real priority is that of living together in a truly inclusive and cohesive society, in which everyone is guaranteed their own space, the right to be themselves and to make their own choices, without being pointed out, derided or marginalized ”, wrote Fico. And the Zan law proposal “can provide a contribution in this direction”. And he closed: “History teaches us how much hatred and fear for the different are always at the root of humanity’s worst degenerations. Faced with all this, there is a single, indispensable choice of field: to counter, in all circumstances, violence, intolerance, denial of the other ”.

The path of the Zan bill in Parliament remains uphill. Yesterday, Italia viva, which in the House had voted in favor of the text, went sideways and withdrew from the drawer the Scalfarotto bill which simply spoke of homophobia and transphobia without punishing discrimination on the basis of “gender identity”. A text that, today the leader of the Iv group in the Senate remembers Davide Faraone, also had the signature of Alessandro Zan. But it is Zan himself who replies: “Gender identity ‘is already present in our legal system, protected by constitutional judgments and international treaties as a fundamental right of the person. Removing it would mean making the Zan bill a discriminatory rule ”, he retorted with the support of the Pd and M5s who aim to approve the same text already passed to Montecitorio. The other amendment seems to wink at the objections of the Holy See in the verbal note because it reaffirms respect for “school autonomy” with regard to initiatives against homophobia to be carried out in schools. But the reaction of the Democratic Party is the same: the text is not touched because so, he objected Laura Boldrini, “You just want to empty” the Zan bill. Iv denies intentions of restricting the protections, rather than wanting to find a shared majority text and “then – said Faraone – together with the government we ask to put trust in the Chamber, so the law is safe”. But the mediation proposal does not seem to make a breach in the center right for now. Certainly the leader of the League Matteo Salvini defines IV’s proposals as “interesting” but, explained by the Carroccio, if some amendments are acceptable, others are different from the proposal of the center-right, on which they will keep the point. Meanwhile, Tuesday is expected to Madama Palace the vote, evident, on the scheduling to then vote the bill Zan in the Chamber from the 13. On the scheduling in the Aula Italia alive, as far as we know, he will still vote in favor while from the 13th, they explain from the dem, with many votes by secret ballot “everything it’s possible”. And the numbers of the former Giallorossi majority are now officially at risk.

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