The “jaws” to the NGO ship: what happens to Geo Barents

The “jaws” to the NGO ship: what happens to Geo Barents
The “jaws” to the NGO ship: what happens to Geo Barents

Another NGO ship is under administrative detention. At the end of an inspection that lasted about twelve hours, the “Geo Barents”, Boat of Doctors Without Borders. The measure came after the coastguard checks in Augusta, where the “Geo Barents” had been present since June 17, when it had landed with 410 migrants, including 91 unaccompanied minors, rescued in various interventions in the central Mediterranean. Just in the middle of last month the “yes” of Italy had arrived and the “Geo Barents” was able to reach Augusta with its cargo on board. These are the foreigners rescued by the Doctors Without Borders ship off the coast of Libya at the beginning of June in four different operations and waiting for a port in which to dock.

On board the boat there are 91 unaccompanied minors and among them there are 21 children aged between 13 and 15 years. People with are also counted chronic diseases in need of specific medical care, foreigners with walking difficulties due to disabilities or injuries and a pregnant woman. Some forty migrants among them reported fuel burns, dehydration, hypothermia and skin infections. The reception machine was then set in motion in the Sicilian port where the health personnel took care, as usual, to carry out the health protocol anti Covid to ensure that there were no cases of positivity to the virus.

The ship of Doctors Without Borders after having recovered the migrants in the heart of the Mediterraneo, in fact, he had asked for a safe harbor in Malta and Italy. From Valletta, as expected, no positive responses had arrived and the Italian Ministry of the Interior agreed to disembark in Augusta. From Africa, especially Libya, i migration flows from the beginning of the year to today they have always been impressive. Only interrupted by the unfavorable climatic conditions, the departures towards the central Mediterranean were constant even during the climax of the pandemic in Italy. 18,580 migrants have landed along the Italian coasts and, given the trend in recent weeks, a quiet summer is not expected.


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