“From mid-July it can pass from subdominant to dominant” – Libero Quotidiano

“From mid-July it can pass from subdominant to dominant” – Libero Quotidiano
“From mid-July it can pass from subdominant to dominant” – Libero Quotidiano

From subdominant to dominant. This is the concern over the Delta variant exhibited by Roberto Battiston. For the physicist, as well as full professor at the University of Trento, the passage to Italy “could occur around mid-July” and bring with it a “very high risk of contagion”. But fears are also about herd immunity. In the event of a new wave – this is what Battiston al Corriere della Sera – the coverage necessary to neutralize the Delta variant “would be reached with 88 per cent of the vaccinated population. 72” would not be enough. However, everything will depend on whether or not the Indian coronavirus strain passes through from subdominant to dominant.

“In that case – he specifies – the risk of contagion becomes very high. This usually happens in 10-15 days. In Italy, the Indian mutation could become dominant at the beginning of the second half of July and only then will we see its effect. Currently, the Delta variant is found only in 30 percent of the positives identified by the tracking, however partial, and not done with the commitment it would require “.

To avoid the worst, the physicist asks us not to forget the mask, “we must always keep it indoors and in crowded situations”. Despite the easing of restrictions, it is necessary to remain alert: “There must be no uncontrolled movement. The European Green Pass must be used, which makes clear the conditions of those who enter the country, and give the green light only to people who know prove not be potentially dangerous for those who come into contact with them “. Hence the appeal:” The vaccination must run faster than the Delta variant. “Battiston himself admits that he received the AstraZeneca double vaccination, and that that day” changed my life ” : “This is the only exit”.

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