there is a new bottom with eight flaps

there is a new bottom with eight flaps
there is a new bottom with eight flaps

McLaren has introduced a new fund in the Austrian GP: the Woking team brings technical innovations to every Grand Prix in an attempt to defend third position in the Constructors’ World Championship from Ferrari’s attacks.

James Kay’s staff for the French GP had a new rear wing side bulkhead, modified in the lower part: instead of the traditional fringes, horizontal blows appeared, reproducing concepts that had already been seen above. The most striking modification was on the vanity panel where two flaps had appeared with the function of flow deviators that must push the air towards the bottom.

It was therefore foreseeable that a variation would arrive right on the sidewalk of the MCL35 M: the papaya car, in fact, from the second GP to the Red Bull Ring can rely on a sidewalk that now has a flurry of vortex generators placed near the edge side exit: there are four up to the L-shaped tooth, then there are two pairs of elements that create blows between them.

The intention is to improve the efficiency in the bottom, increasing the ability to generate the indispensable “pneumatic mini-skirt” to seal the floor to the asphalt, increasing the downforce.


bottom flaps

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