Denmark beat the Czech Republic 2-1 and fly to the semifinals after 29 years Schick hooks Ronaldo, but it’s not enough | First page

Denmark beat the Czech Republic 2-1 and fly to the semifinals after 29 years Schick hooks Ronaldo, but it’s not enough | First page
Denmark beat the Czech Republic 2-1 and fly to the semifinals after 29 years Schick hooks Ronaldo, but it’s not enough | First page

After Spain and Italy it is Denmark to fulfill a dream that had been missing since 1992 and to return to the semifinals at the European Championships beating the Czech Republic 2-1. Kjaer and his teammates only need one time, the first, to secure the match against a Czech national team who arrived at the key event perhaps a little tired or fearful and to which the 1-0 goal of Delaney after 5 minutes that he directed the match in the favorite stakes of the selection coached by Hjulmand. The 2-0 goal of Dolberg gives further tranquility to his and the 2-1’s Schick of the second half is nothing more than an impromptu flash in a race that leaves so much bitterness in the mouth for what has been shown so far.

SUBITO DELANEY – Not even time to take the field and Denmark immediately took the lead. It is Delaney with the head who stands out on the developments of a corner challenged by the Czech Republic and beat Vaclik 1-0. A cold shower from which the Czech team struggles to wake up because Schick and his teammates suffer the physicality of the Danish defenders to the point of practically nullifying the dangers for the goal defended by Schmeichel.

THE DOUBLE – The first ring therefore arrives only at 22 when Holes, sent vertically by Masopust kicks on Kasper Schmeichel in low exit from a tight angle. A hint of a reaction that, however, does not nourish the desired effects given that it is still Denmark that first becomes dangerous with the powerful right of Damsgaard in percussion saved by Vaclik and then to double with Dolberg very good at bagging a cross to the kiss of Beautiful.

SCHICK ILLUDE – The entries of Jankto and Krmencik immediately change the face of the Czech Republic at the beginning of the recovery and immediately it is Kasper Schmeichel to keep his team afloat first on Krmencik’s own long-range shot and then on Barak’s left-handed half-height. Peter’s son, however, can do nothing shortly after when Schick in the center of the area anticipates his own marker and sends the right of first serve to the far corner for the 2-1

THE EXCHANGES – This time it is Denmark that changes with Hjulmand who takes away Dolberg (three goals in these European Championships and record holder for scoring with the national team like Brian Laudrup and Jon Dahl Tomasson in a final stage of this tournament) and Damsgaard for Norgaard and Poulsen. The Lipisa striker fails to achieve a ground ball action on a counterattack with his right foot to cross saved by Vaclik and then it is again the Czech Republic to try the way for the 2-2 with Jankto who also finds a left for the corner but deflected for a corner by a super Kjaer.

29 YEARS LATER – This time the Danish reaction is there and it is still all in the feet of Poulsen who, primed by the newly entered Wass tries the right on the fly on Vaclik flies once again denying him the joy of the goal and the 3-1 that would have closed the accounts. The Czech goalkeeper who likes Naples so much also surpasses the 80th by denying Maehle the way of the goal after a triangle at the limit and the blow on the first post blocked from foot to corner. Silhavy’s latest changes only deceive the Czech Republic because not even removed Vydra (who replaced Schick who reached 5 goals and was at the top of the scorer table together with Cristiano Ronaldo) and Darida managed to bring real dangers towards the goal defended by Schmeichel. At the triple whistle, Denmark is once again celebrating, in a European campaign that began with Eriksen’s drama, but that also in its name is giving an entire people a dream that had been missing for 29 years, from that ‘miracle of’ 92 ‘told in the films

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